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Persona 4 is a manga spin-off of the Shin Megami Tensei series. People are going missing in the rural-town of Inaba. A team of high school students discover a world within the TV that is linked to the murders.


Persona 4 Vol. 1 JPN (Sep 2009)
Persona 4 Vol. 1 JPN (Sep 2009)

Persona 4 is a manga adaptation of the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 video game for the Playstation 2. It's the sixth game of the franchise and was developed as a murder mystery RPG with deep social aspects. It was developed by ATLUS in Japan, directed by Katsuro Hashino, and character design by Shigenori Soejima. It was released in Japan in July 10, 2008, and in the U.S. on December 9, 2008. The Persona 4 manga is written by Shūji Sogabe, the artist for Persona 3 manga, ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Black Maoh magazine on September 19, 2008.

" A rash of mysterious murders has been plaguing the rural town of Inaba soon after Souji Seta moves in with his uncle from the city. The bodies are being hung from power lines and the police have no suspects. Souji Seto soon discovers an unusual world on the other side of a TV that is linked to these deaths. It's up to him and his new friends to investigate and try and stop the killer from claiming any more lives. "


  • ASCII Media Works' (JAPAN)

Publication History

Persona 4 is a murder mystery mnaga written by Shūji Sogabe. It was first serialized in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Black Maoh magazine on September 19, 2008, and five volumes were produced. The first volume was released on September 26, 2009, and the final in September 27, 2011.


Souji Seta

Main character of Persona 4, he's been living in the city for long as he can remember. However when his parents were transferred overseas, he was sent to quiet town of Inaba, where his uncle Ryotaro Dojima and his cousin Nanako was waiting for him upon his arrival. Even though he just moved into the town, he was adjusting to his new lifestyle pretty well, until he encountered the Midnight Channel which awakens his Persona power, Izanagi. Souji represent Fool Arcana

Yosuke Hanamura

Yosuke Hanamura
Yosuke Hanamura

Another transferred student from city just like the main character. Just like him, Yosuke was moved to Inaba with just family due his parents' job, being a manager at superstore Junes. Even though he is cheery, he is troubled by the fact that his parents are the managers at the Junes, making it hard for him to express his true feeling to the neighbors, and ends up masking them. With help of Souji, Yosuke conquers his shadow and awakens his persona, Jiraiya of The Magician Arcana.

Chie Satonaka

Outgoing and cheerful girl, Chie was already good friend with Yosuke and Yukiko. However her shadow revealed that she was actually jealous of Yukiko and her feminine traits and at the same time she wanted to control her. With help of main character she awakens her persona, Tomoe of The Chariot Arcana. She is also one of potential love interest in the game.

Yukiko Amagi

Beautiful but shy and reserved, Yukiko is heiress of Inaba's Amagi Inn. Being the next in the line to inherit the inn, Yukiko feels trapped in destiny that is set by others. Her shadow takes in form of a caged bird with an ability to summon prince, representing Yukiko's feeling about her current situation and hoping some sort of prince will come and rescue her, like Chie. With three Personas to fight, Yukiko's shadow was defeated, awakening her new Persona, Konohana Sakuya of The Priestess Arcana. Yukiko is another love interest in the game.


Resident of Midnight Channel, Teddy has been living in the Midnight Channel for as long as he can remember, without knowing who he really was. On their first encounter, Teddy accused Souji and Yosuke as trespasser who's been causing trouble, but when they were proven not guilty Teddy started to called Souji sensei and decides to help them solve mystery of both Inaba and Midnight Channel. Later when the team was powerless against certain shadow, Teddy used all of his power to defeat it but at the same creating his own Shadow. It was revealed by his Shadow that Teddy is actually Shadow who has forgotten his existence. Teddy's Shadow looks just like Teddy except it big and come out ground with cracked shell showing its hollow inside, representing Teddy questioning his existence. With it defeated, Teddy awakens his Persona Kintoki Douji of Star Arcana, even though he is a Shadow himself,

Kanji Tatsumi

Juvenile delinquent of Yasogami High, whose mother runs a textile shop. Even since he was child he helped his mother at his family textile shop Tatsumi Textile. Naturally Kanji grows up liking his hobby of sewing and crafting, but keeps it hidden from other people thinking that it's unmanly. His Midnight Channel and Shadow represent Kanji's fear of women and not understanding and at the same time questioning his own masculinity, which made Kanji confused more when he encountered Naoto whom he thought was boy but can't help but to like Naoto. His Persona is Take-Mikazuchi of Emperor Arcana.

Rise Kujikawa

Former popular pop idol, Rise came to Inaba after quitting her job as an idol and helps her grandmother's tofu shop, Marukyu Tofu. Her reason for quitting her idol job is revealed by her Shadow; Rise's Shadow is a woman wearing rainbow-colored skin-tight garment dancing on stripper's pole, which is how the media see her as, a sex symbol. The Investigation Team had difficult fight against the Shadow but finally manages to defeat it with help of Teddy. Her Persona is Himiko of The Lover Arcana.

Naoto Shirogane

Last one join the Investigation Team, even though she been investigating the murders from start. Naoto is known as Detective Prince among police force, giving helps to police officers whenever they are stuck at solving certain cases like her predecessors did. Her Shadow is mechanized version herself, and her Shadow urges Naoto to undergo an alteration surgery on her body, or sex change, because if she were to be turned to a man, the other male detectives would start treating her differently. The Investigation Team defeats Naoto's shadow and awakens her Persona, Sukuna-Hikona of Wheel of Fortune Arcana.

Ryotaro Dojima

Ryotaro Dojima
Ryotaro Dojima

The main character's uncle, as a detective he's been on murder cases of Inaba since the beginning. Ever since his wife passed away, he's been having hard time raising her daughter Nanako He represent The Hierophant Arcana.

Nanako Dojima

Nanako Dojima
Nanako Dojima

Main Character's cousin and daughter of Ryotaro Dojima. Ever since her mother passed away Nanako has been silent, not really interacting with her dad. Nanako represent The Justice Arcana.

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English Name Persona 4
Japanese Name: ペルソナ4
Romaji: Perusona Fō
Publisher ASCII MediaWorks
Start Year 2008
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Aliases P4
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