Persona 4 #1 - Persona 4 Volume 1

is a manga book published by ASCII MediaWorks that was released on 09/26/2009

Plot Summary

Persona 4 - Vol. 1

Based on the popular video game Persona 4, this manga tells the story of Souji Seta and his time in Inaba with his family and new friends. Amid the new experiences that the rural town has to offer, a mysterious string of murders starts to occur as Souji and his classmates are slowly wrapped in the case as they discover the truth.


Chapter 01 - Opening.....Pg.

Souji Seta rides a train to Inaba as he laments on how he has to move once more because of his parents work schedule. Souji is used to all the transfers he has had to go through in his life from school to school and this time will be no different as he will be staying the year with his uncle on his mother's side who lives in her hometown. Once he arrives at the station, his uncle and his cousin, Ryotaro and Nanako Dojima, greet him. Ryotaro tries to welcome him but Souji has his own policy in that simply stay away from people since he will be gone in a year anyway. Only get as close as you need to.

Ryotaro tries to get him to lighten up as he wants Souji to feel welcome in their home like family; that and his formal attitude is making Nanako feel uncomfortable. They stop at a gas station to fill up as the gas station attendant notices Souji and makes pleasantries with him while filling up Ryotaro's van. The two talk while Nanako and Ryotaro are busy as the gas station attendant predicts that Souji will make a fair amount of friends and have a great time in Inaba, even going as far as to offer him a part time job at the station. Souji shakes hand with the attendant and suddenly feels light headed. Nanako worries that he may be sick but he chalks it up to being tired.

It is shown that the year that Souji will spend in Inaba will be full of mystery as a series of murders and kidnappings are about to take place and as a result, he will make good friends that will in the end, be irreplaceable.

Chapter 02 - Midnight Channel.....Pg.

Souji dreams about a mysterious white dungeon where a shadowy figure goads him into following and fighting him. The shadow notes Souji's skills but claims he has quite a lot to learn before he can defeat him. He claims that the two will meet once more as Souji wakes up from his lucid dream. He remembers that he moved in the other day and should get home early to unpack his stuff. Downstairs, he finds that Nanako made breakfast and will escort him to his new high school since its on the same way as the middle school. Elsewhere in town, Ryotaro and his partner Tohru Adachi are looking into a bizarre murder.

At Yasogami High School, Yosuke Hanamura is lamenting about his bike ride to school in the rain as Chie Satonaka pokes fun at his misery. The class settles down as their homeroom teacher, Kinshiro Morooka, rudely introduces Souji as a miscreant from the city who is some sort of fugitive. Souji tries to be polite and introduce himself but Morooka continues to chastise him. Chie comments how Yosuke is also from the city and invites Souji to sit next to her in an empty desk in the classroom.

Chapter 03 - Yosuke HANAMURA pt. 1.....Pg.

Chapter 04 - Awakening.....Pg.

Chapter 05 - Yosuke HANAMURA pt. 2.....Pg.

Chapter 06 - Buddy.....Pg.


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