New Persona 4: The Animation Trailer!

Topic started by Babylonian on July 26, 2011. Last post by Kinapuff 3 years, 6 months ago.
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@selfconfessedcynic: I bet they'll have him use other personas in certain fights, like Jack Frost against Yukiko, but his main persona will be Izanagi.

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I need to play these games what systems did these games come out for (computer hopefully at some point?) and they have been translated into English right?
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@zaldar: ps2.

It runs well on the ps2 emulator though.

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@chickdigger802: hmm never tried a ps2 emulator...wonder if I can buy the game somewhere still...or if a rom for it there a persona 1-3?
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There are.  3 is also for the PS2, and was ported to the PSP.  1 and 2 are significantly older, but they've been ported around.   Also worth noting that while the games do seem to take place in the same universe and do have characters from previous titles, it's mostly in support roles or Easter eggs.  The main characters of each game (IE, everybody in this trailer) is new to and completely unaffected by persona 1-3.
Persona 4 is an amazing game though.  I bought a new PS2 (My original had broken) pretty much to play it.
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Looking forward to this as I can't play Persona 4 (No PS2 my PS3 isn't backward compatible) and Persona 5 is who knows how far away.  
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Riddle me this Funky Student: How'd you get SO FUNKY?

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This is going to be beyond amazing.

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