Anime Amateur: PERSONA 4 #1

Topic started by Babylonian on Oct. 8, 2011. Last post by gamermatt8 3 years, 4 months ago.
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Hanamura Yusuke: "You're not me!"

Satonaka Chie: "You're not me!"

Amagi Yukiko: "You're not me!"

Tatsumi Kanji: "You're not me!"

Kujikawa Rise: "You're not me!"

Teddy/Kuma: "You're not me!"

Kubo Mitsuo: "You're not me!"

Shirogane Naoto: "You're not me!"

Narukami Yui/Seta Soji: ............

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I'd just watch Giant Bomb's endurance run of Persona 4 rather than this anime adaptation.

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@The_Great_Skenardo said:

@Babylonian: That's actually exactly what happened with the manga. It has the same character development wheel, and as that gets filled out more and more as the series progresses, the protagonist's character actually starts coming to the fore. Especially as December rolls around...

Could not be happier hearing this. When it was mentioned earlier I was hoping this was the direction the show was going to go in, and hearing the manga did it gives me hope the anime will follow suit. As much as Yui/Charlie is a cipher, they need to fill that cipher with a personality for an anime or manga to work. If you're right, they realized that, which should greatly benefit the show down the road.

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Just got through watching it and I can't wait for more. Seriously, I think it will keep the new comers to the series interested. The character designs are pretty awesome.

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Did ya hear?, it seems that two persons working in the project resigned, because the pay wasn't fair, and sometimes even delayed

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Okay, this is dead-on Persona 4, but I realized that I don't even like Persona 4 without Jeff and Vinny. Those two guys have great interaction and commentary. While I enjoyed the story and characters of the game, it was made all to clear while watching this episode that this anime will not be for me. Still, seeing something so faithful to the source material is refreshing.

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@Levance said:

Did ya hear?, it seems that two persons working in the project resigned, because the pay wasn't fair, and sometimes even delayed

That has yet to be corroborated, nor has it made any impact in the shows quality thus far if true.

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I like the episode but i don't like the way they are doing this. If someone who didn't know anything about Persona 4 watched this they would be lost. It moved way too fast trying to throw in as many plot points as possible as quickly as possible. If you know the game it is easy to keep up with but I feel it would be better if they had more than just -plot point, transition, plot point- I say they should move slower maybe add in some of the scenes they may have seen as filler. Even possibly go to the length and add in some original events that they think would fit into the plot of the game. Also I was excited at all of the game tie ins as well, specifically the stats screen and the day transition. They should definitely expand on Yu's character in this too. It felt like he was just standing there watching plot happen throwing a line or two in whenever. It didn't real like he was really involved to me. Igor's eyes are nightmare fuel. Also I just loved how he unzipped his jacket while fighting as if he had gained the right to do it now that he had power.

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