Amateur vs. Expert: PERSONA 4 #8

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@chickdigger802: @fluxwavez:

The link fluxwavez added doesn't show the whole events leading up to the Camping Trip. This Youtube clip is an edited version.

I also linked to the full Episode 50 on the Persona 4 The Animation Ep. 8 profile page.

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@FoxxFireArt: Not about to start that argument again with you....or get into the protect IP act. I know better. Used not to but I do now.

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200 hours of Skyrim Binging later, I'm finally caught up in anime again. This episode was well done, surprisingly enough. Funny where it should be funny, serious where it should be serious. Naoki's insertion was well done, as was the requisite dialogue on the murders. Tone and pacing were both done well. If only future episodes could be done this way, and not the cringe worthy slapstick comedy that was episode 7.

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I do agree that I don't like how Yu acted towards Kanji in the tent. It was Yosuke who was the homophobe, not Yu. They even gave Yu some of Yosuke's lines from the game there; really didn't settle well with me. I'm totally okay with Yosuke being that way, it gives him a little more dimensionality to his character. He's the cool dude, but he's also a bit of a jerk. He's more human that like that. But our MC definitely shouldn't go in that direction too.

Other than that, it was a great episode but I still felt like it was one of the weakest. A few too many stories thrown in at once and the Hanako thing was just a little over-delivered I felt. Had some really great one-off gags in it though.

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@Hailinel said:

just like I don't see Kanji as necessarily being gay.

Neither do I. Don't see why that matters, though?

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@mutha3 Because some people do see him as definitely gay. It's a difference in perspective.
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Life is a journey

Even though these kids are - or become- very accepting of others- its a progression- going forward from Yosuke realizing and accepting/dealing with the reality of his crush- to the eventual understanding of one of the closeout characters with a halo and the ability to mind control your party members.

They're all trying to define their sense of self- as played out in their main game and social links- and their relations with others.

Say what you will for the interpretation of Kanji's sexuality (I go with the logic that he's growing up- confused a bit- unsure of himself more in the general social sense than anything. The idea that anyone would be interested in him or his life is of great appeal. That someone would "like" or appreciate him on more than a "Punk Biker" guy sentiment seems to be the main concern of his character- and the defeat of his Shadow.)

But the show is exactly how I remember the original game. They were a bit freaked out by the Bathhouse. Can one blame them? The anime version makes this even more extensive- extending it across the gender boundaries. I can also say- that if the situation was reversed- and by some oddity Kanji was sleeping in the girls tent- and the same scenario played out with the roles reversed- I'd be a bit freaked out by Kanji charging into the tent.

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