Amateur vs. Expert: PERSONA 4 #7

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@Hailinel said:

@mutha3: What does it matter whether or not they address Kanji's sexual confusion in that episode? Even in the game, when Kanji confronted his Shadow, it wasn't about whether he was gay or not.

Because it totally matters. Because most of his anxiety comes from being labeled as a homosexual due to his girly interests. Because the reason Kanji's goddamn shadow manifests itself as a massive gay stereotype is because of that confusion. weren't you saying the same thing earlier?

The only thing that ultimately doesn't matter is whether he's gay, bi or straight. But his sexual confusion? Bullshit, that's central to his character. And its why he's interesting, not because he's a "tough guy with a soft spot". That is a boring, trite cliche I have seen a billion times. Too bad P4A went down that route.

How would Yu even address something that isn't made clear? "I accept your homosexuality, even though you might not actually be gay?" It would be like accepting Chie for being a controlling dominatrix despite no evidence to suggest it other than the appearance and demeanor of her Shadow.


Oh, and before this comes up: No, I wouldn't have wanted them to cheesily yell at Kanji "we acceppppttt youuu~!" and wrap their arms around him in a group hug(though it wouldn't be that out of place looking at some parts of the Yukiko episode..), here's a start:

Don't have the investigation team erupt into blind rage and try to kill him simply because he introduced himself flamboyantly. (I laughed at the scene, though, even if I felt pretty bad about it.)

Also, please don't pretend that the resolution for this episode wasn't totally ridiculous

"i think your bunny is cute"


Elements of the pursuit and confrontation with Shadow Kanji were played up for comedic effect

Only the parts which involve him being unsure about his sexuality. Which bothers me.

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@dvorak: I know. I feel like there should still be more character development.

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I really wish they wouldn't go around Kanji's orientation so much. Giving him those feelings for other dudes and then explaining it away as some aberration of his psyche is too much of a cop-out, in my opinion.

Oh, well, Kanji will always be a badass gay dude in my heart.

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What was the implication of that one shadow putting his hand on Chie's shoulder? Did he think she's a dude or a lesbian?

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