Amateur vs. Expert: PERSONA 4 #24

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@AlKusanagi: Hearing Johnny Young Bosch go crazy in Endurance Run, and now hearing it in the anime was hilarious. It's because he's so insane with his demeaning attitude to towards women.

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@YotaruVegeta: agreed that is what we have been saying I having seen the last episode on hulu I can't wait to talk about it they did some good things, but they combined some of the true ending with this ending so yes how they do the true ending extra will be interesting. Overall a very good show and a fitting translation of the game (the whole thing with nanoko marrying her first cousin is a little bit odd as was adachi's reaction but not overwhelmingly so)

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Okay just want to jump in on this whole "Adachi is/is not a sociopath" discussion... not like anyone is going to read it at this point..

Even if Adachi is whatever you decide to define as a sociopath, this should not be taken as a permanent label, or reason for a death sentence. Adachi is still a human (as far as I remember from the game), and he deserves as much respect as allows any other human being, which among other things includes the right to live.

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