Perpetual Shifts and Changes

Perpetual Shifts and Changes is an anime episode of Durarara!! that was released on 05/06/2010

Perpetual Shifts and Changes Episode 17

Perpetual Shifts and Changes  (有為転変)  Uitenpen 
Anri shows Haruna her power over Saika as her past comes to light on how she came to possess the weapon. Shizuo continues to hold off the possessed masses of people who want to turn Shizuo over to their side. As these events unfold, Anri is trying her hardest to subdue Haruna with Celty to support her cause.  

Plot Summary

Opening Theme 
Complication ( コンプリケイショ )  by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D 
As Anri refelects on some memories, someone comments that they are a lie as she stares down Haruna and Nasujima in an alleyway. At the park, Shizuo continues to fight the massive group of children as they want to attack him. Celty watches from the corner as she admires and fears his strength. Shizuo is at one point able to pick up nearly every child there and toss them into the air before beating them even harder. One of the ganguro girls feels the parent in danger as everyone stops and stares into the distant. Shizuo tells Celty to go on and investigate as he will take care of the group here. Celty creates a pair of gloves made of the same material as her scythes, saying that they'll protect him in a fight.  
Haruna proclaims that Anri can't have Saika as she does. Haruna remembers getting attacked a few months ago and realizes that it must have been Anri that attacked her a few months ago. Anri asks politely for Haruna to call off the children as Haruna is still in disbelief. She claims that she controlled Saika through love and that's how she controls its power. Anri pokes Haruna with the edge of her sword to let her see the truth. Through a flashback, it is shown that the memories of happy times were fake as Anri's father abused her and her mother viscously. Over time, Anri closed her heart to feeling love since this was the life she lived. Her mother killed her father with Saika and then committed suicide, being the first actual Slasher. Anri then came to own the sword and could control it since she didn't feel love anymore.  
Shizuo continues to beat the crowd of Saika's children with parkour moves and overall strength. He gets cornered but his gloves prove to be useful protection as he escaped and continues the fight. Anri tells Haruna how she is not swayed by the words of Saika and that she is a parasite to make up for the things she lacks in life. Haruna goes mad and begins to cut Anri before Anri stops Haruna. Haruna wonders why she let her attack as Anri reveals she is going to do something horrible to Haruna so that they are even. She claims it will be horrible and won't apologize since its not the type of person she is. Haruna loses her grip on Saika and passes out, her children coming out of the spell. Shizuo sees this and is able to stop himself from continuing his attack as everyone is puzzled as to how they got there. Shizuo is happy since he feels he can control his strength. 
Celty approaches Anri as Nasujima states that she has to run away with him. Anri states that she has repaid him since she was the one who attacked Celty when Nasujima was cornered six months ago, which lead to the Slasher attacks starting up. Nasujima runs off as Celty promises to take Haruna to Shinra. Anri tries to apologize for what she did but Celty tells her not to worry about it. However, Celty notes that its only because she is aware Anri can beat her in a fight. Having control over Saika and her children, Anri goes to the hospital where Mikado and Masaomi check on her. Masaomi leaves early as Mikado realizes that it was Shizuo and Celty who helped her escape. Kadota and Saburo meanwhile gripe about how Walker and Erika fixed their van with an anime logo on the side.  
This game sucks, I never win.
This game sucks, I never win.
Meanwhile, Izaya continues to play his bizarre game as he reveals to Namie that Nasujima owed Shiki money and was getting the shake down from Tom and Shizuo. Nasujima stole money from him and sent Celty to retrieve it, knowing that Haruna was the Slasher and that she would shake things up. But when Anri appeared, it was a lot better since she was the original blade owner. Izaya also comments that Nasujima tried to mug Shizuo but got his ass beat instead. Izaya claims that he is the one who has been behind everything since the beginning. Kadota comments that Shuji didn't remember anything so they left him at the hospital and the attacks were contributed to gang warfare. Walker shows him a post on the internet that says the Slasher was a part of the Dollars. Celty sees the same message and worries about Mikado.  
At the Yellow Scarves base, the members are pushing to attack the Dollars and find the identity of the Slasher. The leader is shown to be Masaomi as he vows to avenge Anri and take down anyone that gets in his way.  
Closing Theme 
On/Off by Butterfly

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Akira Takata Senior Producer
Takahiro Omori Director
Takahiro Kishida Character Artist/Designer Animator who has done work on various animes throughout the years.
Ryohgo Narita Original Concept Creator of Baccano! and Durarara!!
Akira Ito Art Director
Makoto Yoshimori Music


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