Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is a franchise comprised of 2 movies
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Based on the novel by Yoshikazu Takeuchi

Cham the po group
Cham the po group
Based on a book written by Yoshikazu Takeunchi Perfect Blue was made into an anime in 1997 and would be directed by Satoshi Kon. The film and book follow the story of Mima Kirigoe a popular member of a girl group called CHAM. Bored of her time as a singer she seeks out a career as an actress and events start to spiral out of control, As her fans become aggressive towards the change one fan in particular Me-Mania starts to stalk her.

As time goes on Mima become more and more worried with the discovery of a web site Mima's Room, The site is a public forum that seems to be discussing her life in scary detail and accuracy. Told to ignore it Mima does and focuses on her acting career .On the site of her new series, She is offered a larger part as a rape victim. Even when told that this could ruin her career Mima accepts. This is the turning point that breaks Mimas mind.

The scene and atmosphere in the studio strains Mima beyond repair as fantasy and reality start to collide. She is no longer able to tell the two worlds apart and she starts to spiral out of control. Suddenly the people evolved in the scene start to turn up dead and all the evidence points at Mima as the main suspect.

Me-Mania takes a violent turn as he tries to rape Mima, Striking out in self defense she hits him with a hammer and runs to the only person left in her life, Rumi her manger. We then discover that Rumi is in fact the person who has been writing the diaries on Mima's Room and believes that she is in fact Mima and that Mima is a fake. A chase breaks out with the two of them fighting over the city. Mima has been hurt but still manages to escape and Rumi is knocked out and placed in an insane asylum as Mima deals with what has happened and starts a new life.

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Name: Perfect Blue
Name: パーフェクト・ブルー
Romaji: Paafekuto Buruu
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