Peppermint Samurai

Peppermint Samurai is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 04/14/2011


This is two story episode where Sket Dance helps a samurai regain victory in his kendo matches, and the second part is about looking after a white gibbon.

Plot Summary

Peppermint Samurai


Shinzo Takemitsu holds Sket Dan paper while, in the club room, Hime treats Teppei with a skewer flavored lollipop. Teppei throws up, Bossun calls for the teacher, and Switch explains the lollipop's flavor. Later, Bossun drinks tea and feels good that Teppei has join the basketball team. Suddenly, someone knocks the door. Bossun opens the door to see no one, but Hime points to Shinzo who is on the ground. Shinzo bows down before asking help. The Sket Dan receives a request from a kendo practitioner who dresses and speaks like an old-fashioned samurai (his father was an actor in a period drama). All this information is explained by Switch which infuriates Shinzo. Before Shinzo unsheathes his sword, Hime and Bossun beg him to not hurt Switch. Yet, Shinzo explains that it is a "Repurika." This confuses Hime and Bossun. Shinzo is about to perform Sekkupu for failing his teammates, but Hime and Bossun stop him. Shinzo repeats, "Repurika" again. He wants to know why he's been losing kendo matches lately now that he's been moved from the first to the last position on his team. Sket Dan stands up to accept his request.

Taking his peppermint (Frisky)
Taking his peppermint (Frisky)

Shinzo wants to exchange contacts with them, but when he whips out a cell phone, Bossun and Hime gets angry because he is not acting like a samurai. At the dojo, Bossun asks Shinzo how he prepares. As Shinzo goes through his preparations, he eats one frisky (a peppermint). Bossun yells at him for not being a samurai, yet Shinzo responds that he always eat something to maintain concentration. Shinzo explains that his father told him that samurai in the old days take frisky tablets. Bossun lets Shinzo eat the peppermint, and they watch Shinzo wins his match. Although Shinzo does well in his training, Shinzo tells them that he does not do well during the tournament. Hime makes him train under a waterfall.

Bossun narrates the shot
Bossun narrates the shot

During the tournament, Shinzo fails. Then Switch has Shinzo train with wires all over him. At the tournament, Shinzo fails again due to muscle fatique. Bossun thinks Shinzo needs to concentrate, so he lets Shinzo wears his goggles. However, Shinzo is disqualified. In the end, the Sket-dan try to help him train, but their work only makes him worse. During Shinzo's pep rally, they discover that the "peppermints" that Shinzo has been popping before each match give him a brief rush. However, Shinzo's rush always fades away before his turn to go up. Bossun devises a way to deliver a spare peppermint before the samurai finishes his last match. He takes Switch's Friske and while wearing his goggles, he prepares to concentrate and aim. Switch narrates to make Bossun look cool much to Hime's annoyance. After Shinzo eats his Friske, he beats his opponent by smashing his shinai. Although he wins, Shinzo collapses due to Switch's Friske's strong rush and down time.

Episode #2.5

Kanega: Shut up!
Kanega: Shut up!

The Sket Dan is asked by a classmate (Moe Yabasawa) to watch her pet monkey. Bossun cannot stand Moe's voice, and Hime accepts the request because she loves animals. When Hime hugs the white gibbon, the gibbon grabs her breast. Hime takes off her shoe and smacks the gibbon's face much to Bossun's surprise. When the Kanegi hears Sket Dan being noisy and opens the door to tell them to shut up, the flying gibbon smacks the teacher. He lands on the floor. The teacher tells them to focus on teamwork which Hime and Bossun repeat with melancholy. When Bossun asks the teacher if he is the softball coach, the teacher replies yes. Hime tells him that his students said that the teacher throws like a girl. The teacher yells at them to shut up. He warns them that he will shut their club if they screw up. He asks them about their club adviser, Chuma.

Lazy teacher
Lazy teacher

Chuma is a laid-back adviser who doubles as a chemistry teacher. Due to an explosion in his lab, he asks Sket Dan to dispose of some volatile chemicals he injected into a white ball-like object. Bossun and Hime try to persuade their teacher, but Chuma warns them that he might quit being their adviser. When the monkey plays with the ball, Chuma explains that the ball can make this room explode. Of course, the monkey decides to put the makeshift bomb into his tiny backpack and run away. Forcing the Sket Dan to chase after the monkey. Before they leave, Switch reveals that he has placed a homing device on the monkey. He tells them about the location of the gibbon.

Convenient censoring
Convenient censoring

Outside of the school, Shinzo appears and tries to stop the gibbon. As he fails, Bossun slides under him. Chasing the gibbon through girl's locker room, Bossun makes the girls freak out before he jumps out of the window. Switch reports that the gibbon is heading to the boy's bathroom. Yet, Bossun corrects him by stating it's the girl's bathroom. Hime answers that she will inside the bathroom, and she tells Bossun to wait at the back. However, when Bossun heads outside, he finds Moe dressed as a cheerleader. At the same time, Hime chases the gibbon out of the window, but Bossun, who us distracted by Moe, did not catch the animal.

Come to Hime
Come to Hime

The gibbon is with the softball girls who pet him. The gibbon reveals the chemical bomb, and Hime tries to yell at them. However, her face scares everyone which causes them to spill the rack of soft balls over the ground. Hime trips and falls. Bossun finds her, and when Hime reminds him that the gibbon goes after girls, Bossun gets the idea of setting the decoy. Hime poses as a sexy cheerleader, and she reveals the net behind her. Bossun jumps off the roof with a bungie cord, and he grabs the gibbon. As he hands the gibbon to Switch, he crashes his face into the building and suffers injuries. As HIme arrives, Chumi finds out that the gibbon has a soft ball instead of the chemical bomb. Meanwhile, Kanega, who sees the ball, is reminded of Hime's insult. He throws the ball at the shack like a girl. The shack explodes. The team and Chumi stare off at the sunset.

Points of Interests

  • Fact: Kanega throws like a girl.
  • Convenient Censoring: Switch and Bossun's face are used to censor the girls who were changing, the underwear of Shinzo, and Bossun's bleeding face.
  • Breaking the 4th wall: Hime tells Bossun to get a comedic censor for his face.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, there are no censorship images on the school girls as Bossun runs through their changing room. Whereas in the anime, there are Bossun or Switch censorship images.
  • In the manga, Hime tells Kanegi that he throws like a girl, but in the anime, she demonstrates how he throws.
  • Hime's outfit differs in the manga. In the manga, she takes off her bra and twists her school uniform to reveal parts of her breasts. Compared to the anime, Hime simply wears a cheerleader outfit.


  • Japanese Name: Peppermint Samurai - "Pepāminto Zamurai" (ペパーミント侍)
  • Manga Chapters: 2 and 4
  • Opening Theme: "カッコ悪い I Love You" by French Kiss
  • Ending Theme: "Comic Sonic" by The Pillows

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Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.
Kenta Shinohara Original Concept The mangaka behind Sket Dance.
Manabu Nakatake Character Artist/Designer He's the staff behind character design in Sket Dance and other things like key animation editor in other franchises.
Shinichi Inotsume Series Composition He's does series composition in Sket Dance and screenplay or series composition in other franchises.
Shuhei Naruse Music He's the musician in Sket Dance and other franchises.


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