People of the Covenant

People of the Covenant is an anime episode of Tears to Tiara that was released on 04/12/2009

The episode opens with Arawn descending a set of stair towards Rianon and Arthur running towards them with his sword in hand. Arthur pauses for a moment, and Drwc shouts how dare he disrupt the ceremony. Arthur announces that he is the first warrior of Gael and that he’s here to rescue his sister. He reveals that according to Gael custom, whoever marries Riannon becomes the next chief of Gael—thus Riannon’s kidnapping puts the bloodline at risk. Arthur threatens to kill Drwc if Riannon is not returned safely. Drwc scoffs at the threat and encourages Arthur to attack him.

Riannon, still in a trance, turns to Arawn and says that she is his loyal servant; she will love and be obedient only to him for all eternity. Arawn looks deeply into Riannon’s eyes and enters her mind or soul (not certain which). Riannon is trapped by some sort of strange looking flower. She hears a voice telling her to open her eyes. She asks who the voice is and learns that it is Arawn. She asks where he eyes, and he says that he is right in front of her. She replies that she lost her sight from the moment she revealed her true name. After some discussion, Arawn finally convinces Riannon to open her eyes by offering to share his senses of sight and hearing with her.

She finally sees what is happening in front of her: her brother threatening to kill Drwc. Arawn states that as long as she is under Drwc’s control, she and her brother will be killed. She tells Arawn to tell her brother on her behalf to leave because she revealed her true name and as a result, is not worthy of being rescued by him and her people. Arawn asks why she thinks and says such things. Riannon then sees a red liquid dripping off of Arawn’s hand. She realizes that she is connected to Arawn and is seeing his heart. She feels his rage and sorrow; she realizes the drops of red liquid are tears of blood. She wonders at his concern. She feels her heart begin to beat wildly and is released from her prison. She opens her eyes to find herself floating towards a light. She comes out of the trance, but before she can say anything Arawn covers her mouth.

Drwc turns to Arawn and tells him to feel free to devour the sacrifice. Arawn draws his sword, stabs Drwc, and calls him a coward. Drwc dies and his minions flee. Riannon embraces her brother.  Arthur then attempts to kill Arawn. Riannon tries to defend Arawn by informing Arthur that Arawn is her savior. Arthur refuses to listen and initiates a fierce battle with Arawn. Riannon intervenes again; this time she says if Arthur insists on killing him, she will become Arawn’s bride. She wraps around his shoulders her red cape. Arthur is shocked and appalled; the red cape is the mark of the chief of Gael. He tries to argue against it, but Riannon reminds him that Gaels are people of the covenant; as first warrior, Arthur should be upholding. Arawn makes a snide comment that he was not asked his opinion on the matter. Arthur and Riannon continue to argue.

Arawn interrupts the squabble between the siblings and points their attention to the approaching army of undead warriors. Arawn asks if Arthur will fight with him or against him. Arthur admits he has no choice and together the plow through the army of skeletons with Riannon in tow. They reach a dead end created by an avalanche earlier. They meet an old man named Ogam who knows Arawn in addition to Arthur. He leads them to an alternate escape route. Before the reach the exit, the group is surrounded by the undead warriors. The group successfully fights through the monsters and escape the cave. Outside they meet with the group of warriors Arthur originally came with. They express concern that the Divine Empire upon hearing about the events will wage war on the Gael tribe. Arthur rallies the people of Gael together to fight and defeat the Divine Empire.

The overlord, Lord Gaius, eventually learns of the events. He considers the notion of meeting with the Demon King. His first priority is to deal with the Gael tribe. The episode ends with his decision to kill the entire tribe. He orders one of his knights, Dekmus, to prepare the ships to set sail for Erin Island (home of the Gaels).

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