Pegasus Pony Characters

Pegasus Pony is a anime/manga concept
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Derpy was originally a background character who gained popularity among fans and took on a more prominent role, often for gags.

Doctor Whooves

Doctor Whooves is the fan-given name of a popular background pony sporting an hour glass cutie mark.

Flash Sentry

One of the new guards working at the Crystal Empire and Love Interest of Twilight Sparkle in MLP Equestria Girls.


Fluttershy is a soft-spoken pony with an affinity with animals. She represents the element of kindness.

Pound Cake

Pound Cake and his sister Pumpkin Cake are the twin babies of Mr. and Mrs. Cake.

Princess Cadance

The niece of Princess Celestia who was the foal-sitter of Twilight Sparkle when she was young and is married to Twilight's older brother Shining Armor.

Princess Luna

Princess Luna is Princess Celestia's younger sister and co-ruler of Equestria. She was previously the antagonist Nightmare Moon.

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash is a speedy Pegasus Pony. She represents the element of loyalty.


Scootaloo pretty much worships Rainbow Dash, she's part of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.


Soarin' is a member of the Wonderbolts.


Spitfire is the captain of the Wonderbolts.

Twilight Sparkle

Princess Celestia's student, who is sent to Ponyville to get her head out of her books to make some friends. She represents the element of magic.

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