Peebo Manga #1 - Peebo Manga 1.0

is a manga book published by Antarctic Press that was released on 05/01/2005

Plot Summary

PEEBO Manga version 1.0

The wild Peebos of the Gold Digger US comic series have hopped off the pages into their very own adventures in this US created manga by Fred Perry. These quirky little A.I. Bombs are on their own and out to cause some trouble with Peebri at the heart of most of it.



04=> peebo.manga.proto[] {introductions[]?}

Introducing the Peebos; Peebri, Peegi, and Peebrit. The robotic AI bombs created by Brianna Diggers. They love video games, searching for the answers to the greatest mysteries, and racing the cops; but will they get away with it all once Brianna finds out?
  • Toasty Toaster
  • CD Burnin'
  • A.I. Programming With Gina...
  • Peebri's First Video Game...
  • Peebri's In The Zone...
  • 100 Points!!!
  • Bonus Round...
  • Peegi The Archeologist...
  • "The Peegi Theory"
  • Peebrit Outdoes Herself...
  • Cited For Speed...
  • Turbo Peebri...
  • Peebos On Trail...
  • Three Peebos, One Corner, No Internet...
  • Inch By Inch...
  • Atonement...

21=> Katamari.Peebochu

Taken in my the magic of Katamari Damacy, Peebri wants to make a Katamari worth of making the King of All Cosmos go nuts. Now, if only she can get her hands on enough duct tape.
  • Another Idea...
  • We Have The Technology!
  • Testing, One Two Three...
  • A Baaad Feeling About This...
  • Peebri's On A Roll!
  • Uh-oh...
  • Something Peebri This Way Comes...
  • Yup, The Game Is *This* Wierd!
  • Gina Can't Stay Mad For Science...
  • Study Of A Katamari
  • Is Gina Skippin' Out On Her Chores Again?
  • Terror Of The Town...
  • Staring Down A 15-Ton Katamari...
  • Continue? Yes [No]
Brianna Diggers Splash Page...Pg. 36 

37=> An.RPeeGi.Adventure

Peegi's love of RPGs causes her to play GM and drag her robotic sisters into a virtual world to go one a quest into a dungeon, but all may be bode well for their XP on this first session.
  • REAL RPGers Use DICE!
Britanny "Cheetah" Diggers Splash Page...Pg. 62

63=> Tuna.Can[] {Possession.Is.9/10}

Peebrit has discovered a new love in the glory of the tuna can. The curves and the sheen fills her hard drive with joy, but she must save them from the ravenous hunger of the speedy Tunacron, aka Britanny Diggers.
  • Bee-Beep!
  • Desperate Times Call For Desperate Tuna!
  • Some'n' Fishy's Goin' On Here...
  • T.S.I. Tuna Scene Investigations!
  • Open Wide...NOW!
  • Peebrit's Scorecard...
  • So...Sleepy?
  • Run Peebrit! Run For Your Lifetime Warranty!!
  • Start The "Chase Misuc"!
  • Werecheetahs are Rockects, Not Formula-1s
  • Got Juice
  • Facing The MP3 File...

89=> Peebri.Thru.Time

Peebri wants a new game to play. She, however, has reached her weekly quota and guilt trips have proven futile. When a merc job falls apart, Peebri messes with time to make some mass coinage.
  • Game Of The Year, Baby!
  • Breakfast In Bed? From Her???
  • Ohh, I Get It NOW!
  • One Saaaad Little Peebo...
  • How bad Do You Want It, Peebri?
  • Peebri's First "Small Bizness"!
  • Why Hasn't Anyone Thought Of THIS Before???
  • Go For It Peebri!
  • Why Gina's Lab Is Peebri's Favorite Spot In The World
  • What Could Possibly Be Scarier Than A Time-Traveling Beebri?
  • An This Is Why Gina Needs To Lock Her Lab Door
  • Peebris! Acres And Acres Of Peebris!
  • A Nightmare Come True...
  • Sorry...Old...Pal...
  • And Now, A Virtual Peek Inside Gina's Harried A.I. Laptop Server...
  • Peegi To The Rescue
  • Peebri? A Threat To The Cosmos?
  • Just Gotta ask The Right Question...
  • And What Have We Learned Today, Peebri?

111=> Fellowship.of.Peebos

The Last Ring has been taken from the from the clutches of the fearsome Britrog. To save their hard drives, they Peebos must quest through the Realm of the Digger's household and return the ring before they are discovered, but the Eye of Brianna is always watching. 
  • Peebri, Inspired One Again...
  • Where'd She Get That From, Anyway?
  • Ring O' Doom!
  • A Fellowship Is Forged!
  • The Quest O' Doom!
  • Machine-Washable Salvation!
  • Perils,Perils And More Perils! And have we said "doom" enough...? Heck, No!
  • Evading The "Eye"...
  • The "Eye Of Brianna" Is Upon You!
  • A Reprieve?
  • End Of The Quest
  • Epilogue: Later that evening...
  • ...and now, a "music break" in Gina's lab...

127=> peebo.manga.proto[] {PREVIEW[]}

A young Peebo is born into the world and it wonders the backyard to make friends with the Peebo sisters.
  • A Peebri Has Appeared

138=> Appendix: "what is a peebo?"

A Peebo explains and the variety of designs.
  • Peebo Mk.3
  • Scuba Peebo
  • Peecee
  • Peebee
  • Solar Peebo
  • Advanced Peebo -Peefox-
  • Peebomag
  • Peebri
  • Peegi
  • Peebrit
  • Peebochu
  • Peebospy


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User Reviews
Come give a US Manga a Try! Reviewed by FoxxFireArt on Dec. 18, 2010. FoxxFireArt has written 71 reviews. His/her last review was for Highschool of the Dead. 278 out of 321 users recommend his reviews. 3 out of 4 users found this review helpful.

Peebo Manga Vol. 1 Review

 Peebo Manga Vr-1.0
 Peebo Manga Vr-1.0
Publisher: Antartic Press
Author: Fred Perry
Rating: All Ages
Genre: Comedy/Parody/Adventure/4Koma/Robots/Fantasy
MSRP: $9.99/$10.95 (USD)
Contents: 8 Chapters / 140pg. 
Here's a review of something right off my bookshelf and I really enjoy reading. It's a US created manga. Not a comic drawn in a manga form. This book is made at just the same size as any manga you will find in your local bookstore. The biggest difference is that all the art and publishing was done right here in U.S. This is not like that whole Nick Simmons(Gene Simmons son) tracing debacle. This artist is good and original. It's titled Peebo Manga Vr. 1.0. The artist is  Fred Perry, and it's published by Antarctic Press. Rates for "All Readers".
It's roughly a spin off of Perry's original Gold Digger comic series. In his comic there are these specialized A.I. robots called Peebos, and three have their personalities based on the their creator, Brianna Diggers; and her two sisters. The Peebo Manga is a stand alone spin-off meant for laughs. It follows the three main Peebos; Peebri, Peegi, and Peebrit; on their goofy little adventures from the perspective of these A.I. robots. It's read in the left to right form. It's black and white, and drawn in a traditional Japanese 4koma style. On rare occasions there may be more panels.

The Good

First off, the art is really well done in this comic, and the same thing can be said for the writing. I think the art is of much higher quality than you would get out of your average 4koma series. You really feel the more American sense of pop culture in the book. Peebri is obsessed with playing video games and develops a disturbing interest in acting out Katamari Damacy for real. In one adventure, the three robots band together to enjoy playing a virtual reality RPG, Peebrit discovers her love for tuna cans, and it all culminates into the Peebos playing out their own version of Lord of the Rings with the wedding ring on one ticked off Britanny Diggers. The humor is really well done and many times it's laugh out loud funny.
Another big plus is that you can enjoy this book on it's own without ever reading a single Gold Digger comic this is based upon. This is all about the in the moment comedy and watching these robots up to some mischief. Normally, with Peebri being the cause. She is the series  Konata.

The Bad 

Here is where the bad comes in to play. While this may have the same height and width of your average manga. It's in the depth that it's slightly lacking. Your average manga is nearly 200 pages. This manga is 140 pages. The original list price on the book is $9.99 USD. I originally bought it on Amazon a few years ago, but I couldn't find it on the site, now. It is still available on Antarctic Press' website in the store section for $10.95 USD. One of the down sides of coming from a smaller publishing company is that series often have smaller runs.

Verdict 4.5/5

 Katamari are not meant for this world
 Katamari are not meant for this world
This is a really fun book. The biggest obstacle to trying this book out is it's limited availability. There are so many great little moments in here and the art is really well done. If I could recommend this kind of book to anyone. I think it would appeal most to readers of Japanese 4koma series such as  Azumanga Daioh or  Lucky Star. The gags are short, funny, and have an over riding theme.
The story and jokes were so well balanced and funny. I think it would really speak to a more American audience with it's parodies and references. Still, they have enough manga culture to appeal to that crowd. I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5. If you can find it, pick it up.
A real big plus is that if you are even the least bit curious, but just not sure if you want to risk the purchase, there is an extended preview of this manga on the Antarctic Press website in the "Online Comic" section.
If this review has gotten you interested in this US based manga artist. You can also check out the free mini comics he made for his blog. One is another spin-off his Gold Digger series, Northern Edge; and another is based on his own adventures playing Final Fantasy XI online, called LvL UP. In LvL UP he makes some great Dragon Ball Z and Gurren Lagann references. Just see his Comic Vine profile for his website if you want to check out those free comics. 

Favorite Moment: Ch. 1 "HEY! Where's my 1-Up 'Shroom'?"

Least Favorite: Ch. 6 Robot Dance Party

WTF Moment: Ch.5 The Bathroom of Bathing

Favorite Character This Volume: Peebri

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Added by: FoxxFireArt
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About this Manga Cover
Added by: FoxxFireArt
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