Patlabor The Mobile Police (OVA) Characters

Patlabor The Mobile Police (OVA) is an anime series in the Patlabor franchise
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Asuma Shinohara

Son of the founder of Shinohara Heavy Industries. Joined Special Vehicles as a way of rebelling against his father.

Hiromi Yamazaki

Hiromi Yamazaki is one of the support members of Special Vehicles Section 2, due to his rather large size. He drives one of the two Labor Carriers to calls, as well as tending the station's small food garden and group of chickens.

Isao Ota

Kanuka Clancy

NYPD Labor officer, liased to Special Vehicles to learn more about how a Labor unit works. Raised in Hawaii. Has used a gun before, to Ohta's envy.

Kiichi Goto

Mikiyasu Shinshi

The only married man of Division 2. Is the Carrier driver for Team 2, which means he spends a lot of time with Ohta, who gives him guff for being married.

Noa Izumi

Seitaroh Sakaki

Chief Mechanic for Special Vehicles Section 2. Old man who has a way with machines, though he's gruff, loud and curmudgeonly.

Shigeo Shiba

Second in command in Special Vehicles Second Section's motor pool. Also a gearhead, though he can be more laid back than Sakaki.

Shinobu Nagumo

Captain of Division 1. Highly regarded by everyone in the police force, she has a solid relationship with all of her co-workers. Nagumo is a by-the-book style captain, as opposed to Goto who will often use somewhat unconventional methods to meet a goal.

Takahiro Matsui

Detective in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. When Goto isn't able to carry out an investigation himself, he asks Matsui to do it.

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