Shaman King #31 - Patch Song

is a manga book published by Shueisha that was released on 10/04/2004

Plot Summary

After their encounter with Silva, Yoh and his friends realize that they need to advance carefully (take into account Silva's advice) as they take down each Patch officiant in their "plant," special area. With 15 hours remaining, Yoh and group fight the following Patch Officiants:

  1. Lead in the desert plant
  2. Bron in the valley plant
  3. Magna in the volcano plant

At the same time, Manta talks to father while Hao's former followers spend their time relaxing with Anna and Yoh and Ren's family.

Bonus Stories

Mikihisa visits Keiko's home, and in another story, Yoh's son looks at his grandfather's memorial shrine then Ryu appears.


Japanese Release Date: October 4, 2004.

American Release Date: November 2, 2010.

*Note: These titles come from the official dub manga volume, so they might not translate correctly to the official Japanese titles.

For this volume, there are no Japanese titles.

Reincarnation 267: Lead's Desert Pg. 9

Reincarnation 268: Desert Fillet Pg. 29

Reincarnation 269: Manaless Victory Pg. 47

Reincarnation 270: Making up Pg. 67

Reincarnation 271: A Heavy Door Pg. 85

Reincarnation 272: Patch Song Pg. 105

Reincarnation 273: Angelic Miracle Pg. 123

Reincarnation 274: What a Disgrace Pg. 143

Reincarnation 275: Calculating Mana Pg. 161

Special Bonus: Funbari Poem: The Bloom of Youth: Mickey's World, Part 2 Pg. 181


To wiki editors: Need to add Lead, Lihite (X-Laws), Teruko (Voodoo woman), Mansumi, Anahol, Bron

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