Patamon is a anime/manga character in the Digimon franchise
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A Rookie level Digimon and the partner of Takeru Takaishi. Patamon has Bat-like wings on the top of its head for flight and is able turn into Angemon.



Its a small orange Digimon that resembles a hamster with bat ears. Its has large blue eyes with tiny hoove like paws with half of its body being a dark bown orange while its underbelly is pale.

Story Arcs

Digimon Adventure

Patamon is the partner of TK. Out of the Digidestined and their partners, Patamon took the longest to evolve. His first battle as Angemon is when he fights Devimon. It takes all of his strength causing him to reverted to a Digi-Egg. His sacrifice later led to TK's hatred of darkness later on. When Patamon returns to his normal form, his and Tk's friendship is tested during the search for their crest. TK almost has Patamon dark digivolve. While facing against Piedmon, TK is able to activate his crest, causing Patamon to become Magnaangemon and defeat the clown with the help of Metalgarurumon and Wargreymon. In the final fight, Patamon and the others all face against Apocalypmon and win the battle.

Digimon Adventure 2

Patamon gains the ability to become Pegasusmon with the Digi-Egg of Hope since he cannot reach his champion form due to the Control Spires that were constructed by Ken. TK's son is shown to be partnered to a Patamon.

Digimon Frontier

A Patamon appears in Digimon Frontier after Seraphimon was destroyed and reverted to an egg. While in egg form, he shows to still have powers as he was able to grant Kouji and Takuya the ability to Fusion evolve. When he hatched he was shown to be childish and was attached to Bokomon as a parent since he took care of the egg. Patamon was shown to still have his holy powers as he could easily track Kouji while they were searching for him since the latter had left to fight Duskmon, he could also sense darkness which caused him to hide in Bokomons waist band alot. Even though he's not very strong he's shown to help his human friend's as he even took on Velgemon even if his attacks were useless and eventually meets up with his friend's Salamon and Lopmon as all the conflict they had as megas had left them when they were reborn, as it was shown he bore no ill-will towards lopmon.

Powers & Abilities

Patamon is a Holy Digimon who's appearance conceals its true power as it has the ability to evolve into a powerful Holy Angel digimon.

It has many abilities but is mostly shown attacking with his Boom Bubble though its not very effective on opponents larger than it or anything stronger than a rookie.


Patamon are two side's of the same coin being a Holy type they can either choose the light or be consumed by darkness.

  • Fresh-Poyomon
  • In-Training-Tokomon
  • Rookie-Patamon
  • Champion-Angemon
  • Champion-Devimon
  • Ultimate-Magnaangemon
  • Mega-Seraphimon
  • Mega-Shadowseraphimon
Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Bridget Hoffman
Kae Araki
Miwa Matsumoto
Rank Game #158 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Patamon
Name: パタモン
Romanji: patamon
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 #4
1st anime episode: Digimon Adventure #1
1st anime movie: Digimon Adventure: Our War Game
Aliases Angemon
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Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! / Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals

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