Pass or Fail: Survival Test

Pass or Fail: Survival Test is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 10/24/2002
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Introduction Arc

Pass or Fail: Survival Test - 試練!サバイバル演習 (Shiren! Sabaibaru enshū)


Opening Theme-

"Rocks" by Hound Dog (Japan)

"Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus (U.S. TV)

Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are the only ones without a teacher. As they continue to wait for the arrival of their new teacher, Naruto becomes impatient. He places a chalkboard eraser above the door, as an attempt to test their new teacher. As soon as the new teacher arrives, the eraser falls on his head, and he announces to the class that their first impression is awful. The new teacher takes the three outside, and introduces himself as Hatake Kakashi. The rest of the group introduce themselves to their new teacher. Kakashi soon learns of Naruto's love of ramen and his desire to become a Hokage. He also learns Sakura's feelings towards Sasuke, and also of Sasuke's desire to kill someone in order to avenge the death of his clan.

Kakashi announces to the students that they will undergo survival taining tomorrow, and this will prove their ability to become real ninjas, he also instructs the students to bring weapons to class the next day. As a last piece of advice, Kakashi tells his student to not eat breakfast the next morning, as he does not want any of his students to vomit during the survival process. Before he dismisses his group, he tells them that the next class will start at five in the morning.

The next morning, their new teacher Kakashi arrives at around 11:00 AM. Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura become furious at their teacher. He tells the three that their first task will be to take one of the two bells he is holding in his hands. Whoever cannot retrieve one of the bells will not be able to eat lunch. The sensei insults Naruto and proclaims the only way they will be able to retrieve the bells will be to kill him. Naruto takes out his dagger and attacks Kakashi, however the teacher counters the attacks. The three students of his are now ready to begin the training. Everyone is now hiding, except Naruto. He is attacking, supposedly, fair and square. Kakashi teaches Naruto the first ninja lesson. It is called taijutsu, or fighting without weapons. He takes out his book and begins to read to Naruto. Naruto attempts to attack his teacher, but every attack sent is avoided. Kakashi moves behind Naruto. His hands are now in the seal of the tiger position. He performs a ninja technique in the element of fire. He pokes Naruto in the buttocks which sends him flying.

Iruka asks the Hokage about who is training Naruto's group of three. Iruka has heard rumors about how difficult of a teacher Kakashi is. The Hokage gives Iruka a book about Kakashi, it states that everyone who has ever trained under Kakashi has failed.

Meanwhile, Naruto performs a mass shadow replica, forming seven clones. All of the Naruto's attack Kakashi at once. One of the replicas caught Kakashi from behind. The sensei was quickly able to change places with the replication of Naruto. Naruto notices a bell lying on the ground. He runs over to retrieve it. Instead of retrieving it, he is caught by a trap. The trap made Naruto, whose foot was tied by a rope hang upside down underneath a tree. As Kakashi lectures Naruto on his movement, Naruto throws ninja stars at him, the sensei flies backwards as it appears he has been struck and injured!

Ending Theme-

"Wind" by Akeboshi

Characters & Voice Actors

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Masashi Kishimoto Original Concept He is the creator, writer, and artist, of the successfully popular manga and anime series: NARUTO


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