Partie 4: Eau et Lumieres

Partie 4: Eau et Lumieres is an anime episode of Ikoku Meiro no Croisee that was released on 07/24/2011

Plot Summary


Yune tries eating cheese with soy sauce. Claude finds it weird. Yune promises to cook Japanese beef stew, using soy sauce, for Claude and Oscar tomorrow dinner. Alice Blanche, rich girl and daughter of the family that owns the gallery, tries to get Yune to come home with her and live with her. Claude doesn’t like this.

Detailed Summary


Yune is caught trying to eat cheese again, this time with soy sauce. This is strange to Claude. Oscar explains that Japan uses soy sauce a lot. Yune says that she’ll cook dinner using the soy sauce tomorrow and have Claude try it.

A male servant from the Blanche family comes to the shop to see whether the rumors of Japanese girl staying there are true. The servant reveals that his mistress wishes to have her over for tea. Alice Blanche has a hot bath. She fantasizes over how it’s common in the Orient to take hot baths and all in one tub together. It seems Alice has a fascination with Japanese culture and people, having pictures around her room. Alice finds out from her servant that Yune has rejected her invitation. She is aghast. It seems that Claude was the one that recommended Yune not to go, Alice is angered by this. Alice decides to go to the store herself.

In the middle of the night, Yune is about to wash herself in a metal basin in the kitchen, but Claude accidentally walks in on her. Yune apologizes for being selfish. In the morning Oscar explains to Claude that in Japan they take baths every day whereas in Paris it is a luxury.

They are visited by Alice and her servants. Alice loves Yune as soon as she sees her and tries to buy her form Oscar, who refuses. Claude and Yune barely escape from the shop. However Alice persistently follows them around town, asking Yune to come with her. Yune eventually agrees to go with her because she feels bad for rejecting a person she has not spoken to. Claude is not happy about this because of his hatred for Alice and what she represents as a bourgoise.

When having tea, Yune meets Alice’s older sister, Camille. Alice also has a room prepared for Yune, and has the servants fix up the bath for her. When Alice is speaking badly of Claude, Yune pipes up and defends his integrity. Yune remembers that she has to cook dinner, and tries to leave. Alice bargains and says that she’ll give back Yune’s mother’s kimono for free if she stays tonight, making it so that Claude will never have to buy it back. Yune begs Alice to let her return home. Alice ultimately gives in.

Back at the shop, Claude is somewhat depressed as he begins to think that life would be better for Yune if she is taken care of by a rich family. When Alice is talking to Claude, she comments how Yune is rather stubborn despite her looks. They all have Japanese beef stew for dinner. Claude doesn’t really like it, but says he’ll try eating it more.

Alice muses that since Yune is only staying to return her affection for Claude and Oscar, it is only a matter of time before Alice does more things for Yune and she will be all hers.

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