Part 1

Part 1 is an anime episode of Futabu! that was released on 02/21/2014
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Akane Niimura agrees to join the Futa Club after being invited by the vice-president of the club. She finds two of the members having sex when she walks in, and after a brief introduction to the club members she joins in.

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Part 1
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Caught in the act
Caught in the act

Akane Niimura and Sumika Oohashi walk down a school hallway and Sumika asks if Akane brought a change of clothes with her. They arrive at a room labelled "Futa Club" and Sumika tells her that once they go inside, there's no turning back. Akane agrees, and they walk inside to find two futanari girls having sex on a couch. Sumika interrupts them to introduce Akane to Aya Itou; a tanned, curvaceous second year student, and Ai Aihara; a petite first year student. Akane is a little preoccupied staring at the bulge in Aya's skirt.

President Mao Asakura
President Mao Asakura

A short blonde girl interrupts them, and Sumika introduces her as Mao Asakura; a second year student and president of the Futa Club. Sumika explains that Mao's a genius who skipped grades, making Mao blush.

With the introductions out of the way, Sumika lifts Akane's skirt and pulls down her underwear to reveal that she is a normal girl who wants to provide "service" for the club. Ai cheerfully concludes that Akane is "lower rank" than her. Ai and Aya remove their skirts and Sumika joins them. Akane marvels at the unusual sight in front of her; Ai has a small penis with a ribbon tied around the base, Aya has a very thick penis, and Sumika has an incredibly long penis, reaching up to her chest. Sumika suggests starting with Akane's mouth, and Akane happily starts sucking her penis, and Sumika says she can take her clothes off if she wants to.

Sumika starts to enjoy herself
Sumika starts to enjoy herself

Akane, now wearing nothing but her thigh-highs and shoes, sucks Sumika while rubbing Ai and Aya with her hands. Sumika commends her performance, but tells Akane that because her penis is so long, she needs to take it deeper. Sumika pushes herself down Akane's throat, and Akane continues sucking, managing to take in half of it. Sumika starts groping herself as she compliments Akane, Ai also compliments her, and Aya wonders how she's so good for a first-timer. Mao is standing behind Akane fidgeting and gripping her skirt.

Sumika is the first to reach her limit and begins to ejaculate, causing Akane to let go and fall backwards, gasping for breath as Sumika shoots the rest over her face. Aya follows suit and finishes herself off, and Akane closes her eyes but Aya misses. Ai doesn't miss; she unties her ribbon and blasts semen all over Akane like a fire hose.

Akane advances on Mao
Akane advances on Mao

After cleaning herself up Akane asks where the club president is. She turns around and spots her, and crawls towards her asking her to join in. Mao backs away but Aya and Ai grab her arms to keep her still. Akane finds a piece of tape covering Mao's groin, and Sumika peels it off revealing a tiny penis underneath which Akane thinks is cute. She starts stroking it, causing Mao to moan and tell her to stop, but as she starts sucking it, Mao stops resisting. Aya and Ai let go of her arms, and Mao's penis suddenly grows several times its previous size. Akane backs off, and Mao panics about what might happen if she gets "fully" erect, and then faints.

Mao wakes up, now with a fully erect penis even longer than Sumika's and thicker than Aya's, to find all five of them wearing swimsuits in the Futa Club public bath. In stark contrast to before, Mao has a stern look on her face and a much more aggressive demeanor, and asks the others what they're going to do about her erection. The girls explain that their uniforms got dirty so they came to the bath and changed into swimsuits, and Akane excitedly commends the club president on her ability to stay erect, even after fainting from anemia. Sumika turns to Akane, who offers to calm Mao down.

Akane attends to Mao as the others watch
Akane attends to Mao as the others watch

She starts licking the tip of Mao's gigantic penis, and Mao pushes Akane's head down, forcing it down her throat. Akane pulls away and says she'll die doing that, but Mao says she needs to take responsibility for giving her an erection. Akane pulls her swimsuit down and wraps her breasts around Mao's penis and continues pleasuring her, and the others all watch intently. Mao compliments Akane's skills, but pushes her away and says it would be a shame to not go all the way. Akane spreads her legs, but asks if it will be okay since Mao's penis is so big, and Mao says they'll have to find out. They start having sex and as they both start to enjoy it, Mao says that because Akane can take a "monster dick" she much have a "monster pussy" and then continues to push deeper and deeper. The others are now rubbing themselves as they watch.

Sumika steps in
Sumika steps in

Mao and Akane change to standing positions with Mao now taking her from behind. She tries to go even deeper, lifting Akane with her penis, and ejaculates, making Akane's stomach bulge. Mao insists that she's only just getting started, and Akane begs her to take it out at least once, but Mao says her "monster pussy" can take it and continues thrusting. Sumika, grabs Mao and tells her she shouldn't bully the newbie, and then takes her from behind. The three of them have sex together for a short while before Sumika pulls Mao out, and semen gushes out of Akane, but Mao isn't satisfied yet. Sumika pulls Mao's swimsuit down and as she continues to have her way with her, tells Aya and Ai it's time for "bukkake" and they stand in front of Sumika and Mao and begin to masturbate furiously.

Mao reaches her limit
Mao reaches her limit

Sumika begins to twirl her penis with her hand while it's still inside, and Mao buckles over in pleasure. They both reach there limit Sumika ejaculates inside Mao, causing her to bolt upright and erupt like a geyser. Aya joins them and Ai immediately after her, blasting semen out like a fire hose once again. Some of it lands of Akane's face, who's still sitting several feet away.

Akane, Mao, and Sumika are washing themselves while Aya and Ai are in the bath. Mao apologizes for how she behaved, her personality now back to normal, but Akane says it was her own fault. She says it's the first time she's felt so good and asks Mao to do it again someday. Sumika gives her one final welcome to the Futa Club. In the background, Aya thrusts her penis up through the water pretending it's Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, much to Ai's amusement.

Manga & Anime Differences

The following points show notable alterations from the source material.

  • In the manga Aya says she forgot a new club member was joining, but Ai says she had just told her and Aya punches her, implying Aya was lying. In the anime, when Aya says she forgot, Ai says she remembered but doesn't claim to have reminded Aya.
  • In the manga Sumika introduces Mao after Aya and Ai. In the anime Mao is sat across the room from the others and has to get their attention for Sumika to introduce her.
  • In the manga Sumika tries to get first dibs on Akane causing Aya and Ai to object, and Mao tells them to get along, so Sumika leaves the choice to Akane. In the anime Sumika doesn't do this.
  • In the manga Sumika, Aya, and Ai get completely undressed in the club room. In the anime they keep most of their school uniforms on.


The following points show notable animation errors. Timestamps are approximate.

As Akane pulls Mao's tights down, part of them vanish briefly in one frame.13:52
Mao's hand is raised again for no apparent reason despite having been lowered in a previous shot.16:52
The top of Akane's swimsuit strap can be seen over her shoulder even though she had pulled it down to her waste in order to free her breasts just moments before.17:08

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