Parody Concepts

Parody is a anime/manga concept
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Generally stands for "anime music video" or "amateur music video."

Author Avatar

A fictionalized animated form of the author appearing in the universe of their own work.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

The act of Breaking the 4th Wall is when a character seem to show knowledge that they are in a fictional series. Normally by talking directly to the audience.


Nearly every anime has a comedic moment here or there. Everyone likes to laugh.


The practice of dressing like characters from anime, manga, video games, and even novels, TV shows, celebrities, etc.


A concept where several characters from different, separate stories and series meet up.

Mahora Sentai Baka Rangers

Five girls with the lowest grades in Negi Springfield's class form the Baka Rangers team.

Pantybots and Stockingcons

The robot forces under the command of Bitch Commander Panty and Gothic Empress Stocking.

Strike a Pose

It is not uncommon for anime heroes and villains to strike over the top poses to make a point, usually about how manly or evil they are.

The Bruce Lee Anime Character

Characters who are influenced and/or clearly modeled after the late Jeet Kune Do Master, Bruce Lee. Also characters who use Jeet Kune Do.

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