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Akane Sonozaki

Children: Mion (daughter) Shion (daughter)

Amara Tenoh

Amara or Haruka Tenoh is a famed race car driver. Furthermore, she is Sailor Uranus. She belongs to the Outer Senshi. She is a close partner with and lover of Sailor Neptune. She is headstrong and powerful. She wields the Space Sword.

Android 18

Children: Marron (daughter)

Azusa Koide

Children: Natsuno (son)


Children: Raditz (son), Kakarotto aka Son Goku (son). Bardock is a father, although he was not able to raise his children as he was killed. Bardock had his first son Raditz, who would then be killed by a Namekian called Piccolo who was helped by Goku. Bardock had another son who he called Kakarot(to), he was slightly upset that goku only had a powerlevel of 1, but just before Bardock died, he had a vision of Kakarot, who we know as Goku confront Freeza, and so Bardock died knowing that his son would avenge him.


Children: Upa (son)

Brian Jones

Scientist ally of the Autobots, father of Kicker and Sally Jones


Children: Trunks (son) Bra (daughter)

Bulma's Mom

Children: Bulma (daughter)

Carrera Marker

Children: Ren (son) Karin (daughter) Anju (daughter)


Children: Gohan (son), Goten (son). Chi Chi is a parent of two children, they are both sons. The first was Son Gohan, and the second was Son Goten. Chi Chi is a very over-protective parent and so does not like it when her children are constantly putting themselves in danger. Chi Chi is strict as well, and disciplines her children well.

Chief Kurama

Children: Mariko (daughter)

Chief Soichiro Yagami

Children: Light (son) Sayu (daughter)

Chieko Makino

Children: Tsukushi (daughter)

Choji Akimichi

Children: Chōchō (daughter)


The original Zilla resurrected by alien and human technology. He is completely controlled by the Tachyons, though he does recognise Zilla jr. as his son.

Daiki Niwa

Children: Emiko (daughter)

Dr. Brief

Children: Bulma (daughter)

Edward Elric

The youngest State Alchemist with an aggressive demeanor who is attempting to restore him and his younger brother's body back to normal after a deadly sin they committed...

Elda Maaka

Children: Henry (son)

Emiko Niwa

Children: Daisuke (son)

Eva Ushiromiya

Children: George (son)


A ''witch'' from the Cirque of Freak. She is Mr. Tall's younger sister. She caused Mr. Crepsley's scar in his face when he tried to kiss her while he were drunky.

Evra Von

A snake boy and member of the Cirque Du Freak. He is a close friend of Darren.


Children: Kuriza (son)

Gannen Hearst

Vancha March's brother, he is a vampaneze

Genma Kannagi

Currently considered the most powerful fire mage in the Kannagi family.


Gojira better known as Godzilla, is the Monster king. He was accidentally created by Nuclear Radiation and is now protecting Asia from man-made and alien attacks, over the years he's amassed many friends to protect Asia. His title is the King of All Monsters, he truly is unbeatable.


Children: Pan (daughter)


Children: Gohan (son) Goten (son)

Gouzaburou Seto

Gouzaburou Seto is the head of the Seto Yakuza Group. His greatest loves are for his wife, Ren; and cute, cute daughter San Seto. He joined Isono Junior High School as San's home room teacher.

Haruka Kuran

Children: Kaname (son) Yuuki (daughter)

Haruo Makino

Children: Tsukushi (daughter)


A young T-rex that was raised by a female maiasaura. He has been shown to have a some what kind personality despite being a T-rex.

Henry Marker

Children: Ren (son) Karin (daughter) Anju (daughter)


Children: Videl (daughter)

Hideyoshi Ushiromiya

Children: George (son)

Hinata Hyuga

Children: Boruto (son) Himawari (daughter)

Hiroko Shimizu

Children: Megumi (daughter)


Ibara is a citizen of the Hidden Leaf Village.

Ikumi Itou

Ino Yamanaka

Children: Inojin (son)

James Marker

Children: Henry (son)

Juri Kuran

Children: Kaname (son) Yuuki (daughter)

Kaede Domyoji

Children: Tsubaki (daughter) Tsukasa (son)

Karin Maaka

Children: Kanon (daughter)


Children: Chōchō (daughter)

Kayoko Mashiro

The mother of Moritaka Mashiro and sister-in-law to Nobuhiro Mashiro. She is initially against her son becoming a mangaka.

King Cold

Children: Freeza (son)

King Piccolo

Children: Piano (son) Drum (son) Tambourine (son) Piccolo (son)

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