Parents and Children

Parents and Children is an anime episode of Bakuman. that was released on 10/16/2010

Parents and Children Episode 3

Parents and Children (親と子) Oya to Ko

Moritaka Mashiro has just received approval from his enigmatic father and grandfather to go through with his dream of becoming a professional mangaka. As he and his partner Akito Takagi sift through his uncle's old studio, several secrets from the past reveal themselves that will changes everything that the two know forever.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

Blue Bird by Kokuburo

Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi race to Nobuhiro's apartment as Mashiro's grandfather has just given him ownership of his old manga studio. The two feel excited and nervous about inheriting their own studio as they enter. Takagi is thrown away by the amount of action figures and reference material Nobuhiro had as well as all the past issues of Jack that he owned. Mashiro tells him that Nobuhiro got all this stuff as a business write off as they enter the next room which is the actual studio. Again, Takagi is stunned by the amount of manga that is in the room as Mashiro reflects on all the times he used to come there as a small kid. Takagi wants to know where the names are as Mashiro points him to the closet.

Mashiro and Takagi begin their research
Mashiro and Takagi begin their research

As they pop it open, they notice the sheer about reference material they could use such as old storyboards and names that Takagi can use for practice. Mashiro then goes into detail on how the name process works on how the mangaka produces a name to give to their editor and continues to resubmit it if it isn't good. Then they are allowed to make a final copy for it once its done. Takagi is stunned by the amount of work that goes into it and is a bit discouraged that he simply can't write story and have Mashiro draw it out. Mashiro tells him that doesn't work as they continue to tear open the boxes to look up different references from Nobuhiro's old work while they talk about their favorite series and what they should actually make.

While the two continue to open up the boxes, Mashiro goes to actually have a one on one conversation with his father. He apologizes for thinking that Nobuhiro committed suicide as his father reassures him that his brother was not a coward and worked hard every day to succeed. The two share a silent quote about how a man should continue to move forward no matter what as he does. Mashiro goes back inside to work some more with Takagi as they find a box full of letters in the very back of the closet. Mashiro realizes that they are from the girl Nobuhiro said he likes growing up in school but never had the nerve to say anything. The two read the letters and discover that even though she said nothing, the girl felt the same way about Nobuhiro but never said anything. As they cry, they find his old graduation book in the box and discover that Nobuhiro's crush looks exactly like Azuki. The reason for this becomes obvious as Takagi deduces that the woman Nobuhiro loved is Azuki's mother, claiming that the way Mashiro and Azuki feel now must be some odd sort of genetics.

Takagi vows that they will talk to Azuki's mother the next day as Kayoko calls and scolds Mashiro for staying out so late and to come home immediately. After school, Takagi and Mashiro decide to visit Azuki's house while she is out. Takagi calls for Miyuki and says that he wants to talk to her about Nobuhiro. She lets them in as she knows Mashiro's relation to his uncle and

The two apologize to Miyuki for invading her privacy
The two apologize to Miyuki for invading her privacy

wonders what the two want to know. They apologize for reading her letters and ask if she loved Nobuhiro, which she replies yes. She never said anything since she figured men were supposed to do that and then it was too late by the time she got married. After she finds out that Mashiro is who Azuki will go out with, she tells the two that she will support them through their endeavors to become mangakas.

As the day ends, Mashiro feels more motivated now to complete a manga so he can marry Azuki as soon as possible. Takagi tells him that he will help him as Mashiro goes to the studio to start practicing that night.

Closing Theme

Bakurock ~Mirai no Rinkakusen~ ( Bakurock ~未来の輪郭線~ literally, Bakurock: Outline the Future) by Ya-kyim

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Kenichi Kasai Director
Noriaki Akitaya Director Noriaki Akitaya is an anime episode director who worked on the Code Geass series.
Takeshi Obata Original Concept Illustrator of Death Note.
Tsugumi Ohba Original Concept The mysterious author of the supernatural thriller Death Note.
Tomoyuki Shitaya Character Artist/Designer Character designer for Bakuman and KissXSis (TV)
Reiko Yoshida Writer
Yuniko Ayana Writer A writer for animes.
Audio Highs Music Composer for Gintama and Bakuman.


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