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Look, I hate “that guy.” And I hate when he points out plot holes, especially when the obvious answer is that the show made suspensions of disbelief because they were more interesting to watch than the logical, realistic alternatives. However, when the whole central tension of the show is an argument between cold, alien pragmatism and soft, human sympathies, it’s a lot harder to buy the times Shinichi gets in a bind because he keeps making stupid decisions (which the show needs him to make in order to force conflict).

In this episode, we get a cheap shock when the Parasite serial killer murders his date while Shinichi fumbles an attempt to stop him. Later on, Shinichi laments his hesitation, but that doesn’t excuse the scene so much as it just hangs a wider lamp shade on it. I’m all for the classic Hamlet-style “dramatic delay” in a hero, where he questions his motivations. That’s the stuff of good drama. However, it’s harder to buy here when we’ve had several episodes stressing the point that Shinichi’s become more of an unfeeling, instinctual alpha predator.

Remember when he dumped the dog in the trash? Remember when he beat the shit out of the bullies? When that character evolves after those incidents, can anybody buy him stepping up and timidly asking, “Please, miss! Get out of the way!” when a murder’s about to happen?

You want the shock of her getting decapitated? Fine. Make up some contrivance that gets in Shinichi’s way. Have him trip on a tire or something. But, I’m sorry… he’d have snuck up and ripped that Parasite’s head off. Did he forget about his searing, vengeful rage for Parasites? Remember when he swore vengeance on them to the fortune teller? That was the dramatic capper for one episode. And it led to nothing.

The worst part is that this is all less interesting than what we’d get if his decisions actually started adding up. He should be out of school. He should be on the run. He should be proactive about killing the Parasites. He shouldn’t be thinking, “Oh gee, maybe I should take this fight away from innocent bystanders” when the fourth or fifth Parasite is targeting him on school grounds. Again.

Watch "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and decide for yourself, then read my thoughts on the previous episode.

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hahaha... sorry, i still get a kick out of how this winds you up... and honestly, for good reason

Its is a little confusing with his character kinda switching between the cold take over to the now deliberating shaky guy we saw from the start... not consistent, probably would have been better if they stuck with one frame of mind from the beginning but i like the idea of him not really being too much of either as he is somewhat part-parasyte so it KINDA makes sense to me

Having now finished the Manga overall i think you will like where this story will go and end up... it will definitely give you something to write about and SOMEWHAT ponder... it becomes a more thinkin mans show imo

It would be very upsetting if they changed the ending from the manga or drag this out past the 24-6ish point to another season because the pacing is great for how it is covering the manga.... again this is a very faithful adaptation so far and honestly i think this will be a good philosophical anime series once it's wrapped up... now i can just sit back and hope they keep going strong with this here anime run

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You posted this in the Full Metal Alchemist section.

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The last episode was better than this week's episode. I felt Shinichi was off. He was going to save people after witnessing Kana's death. He stood back and didn't do much. Plus, Shinichi depended on Migi. He did it before when he killed the Parasyte who killed his mother and the one who killed Kana.

Lots of female bystanders by the way.


I'll move it to the right forum.

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I'm disappointed we aren't talking about the fucking awesome developments of this episode. I mean, Migi vs. Miki! This is great!! Instead, we're harping on a teenager not going on an all-out war solo with an unknown number of parasites formed in a syndicate. Yes, that girl should've lived, but maybe she wouldn't have, even if he tried to save her. He will probably be forced to quit school and go to war, because the threats are so present.

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Could the inconsistencies in the characters actions be from more or less control by the alien? Here he is more in control of himself and more like the teenager he would be without the "symbioyte" (I am not sure I still by that this alien isn't somehow also a parasite) and before the alien was more in control and so he acted with more cold alien logic? Otherwise yea I agree - characters acting not in accordance with their established character very very bad and something we should harp on even when the rest of it was awesome.

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Nope, I didn't feel there was anything especially odd about Shinichi's actions here, he ran up to that girl told her to run and she did, only she wasn't fast enough and then shinichi killed the bastard. he couldn't attack to quickly because if he did he could have hurt her as well. I guess to me it seemed more like a no win situation, she was right next to That parasyte, she wasn't getting away.
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