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Now, we’re getting back to form.

I’ve cited TERMINATOR as a comparison point before, and I do think the show is at its most interesting when it’s playing up the Parasites’ tone-deaf attempts at mimicry - - how these creeps are only getting the nuances of human behavior half-right. Shinichi’s teacher always had an icy T-1000 vibe, and the parts where she handles her baby like luggage and forgets how to laugh properly are some of the most chilling scenes yet.

It’s interesting to see Migi going through something of a character arc, too, especially because a lot of the particulars are being left to the viewers’ imagination. You’re never totally sure if he’s actually grown more sympathetic to Shinichi, or if he’s just learned to say the right things to get him to cooperate. And the centerpiece lecture on the “selfish gene” actually makes you question how much distinction there is between the two options, anyway. If a creature’s acting altruistically, how much do the motivations behind the act matter? It happened either way, no?

Joe’s a hilarious, foul-mouthed counterpoint, too. It’d honestly be fun if they made him and his host a regular part of the cast; and maybe even added another half-installed Parasite to the mix. Turning this conflict into more of a team-based effort, with more clashing angles of opinion and agenda, would be even more interesting as a cast dynamic. We’ve had plenty of time to see how Shinichi and Migi play off each other - - let's put some new corners on the arguments.

Of course, if this series actually isn’t going to go beyond Episode #26 or so, there probably isn’t much time for that. It’s an awesome development that the Parasite cabal has settled into a more reserved “coexistence” plan, but it comes with the sinking feeling that we might be in store for another Iresolute Anime Ending here. Vengeful proclamations or no, what do you want to bet this series concludes with Shinichi just walking away from the bad guys and accepting the level of control they’ve achieved?

Watch "the Selfish Gene" and decide for yourself, then read my thoughts on the previous episode.

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I have to say being nearly done with the manga this is a very impressive anime adaptation. I say this mostly because they have really trimmed alot of the fat and kept most of the interesting dialogue in place... which of course is easier to enjoy in the animated form. Although the story is interesting, the manga is a bit of a slog to be honest as it is becoming more political / tactical in the last stretch which means more text than art.

Still surprised how short this story is ultimately coming up to be now... makes me wonder if i'll be satisfied... either way, i'm still watching the anime as well and unless (like me) you are impatient i'd say stick with this anime version for prefernce... but of course i will keep in mind the anime can still deviate from the manga story...but from the looks of it....i doubt it will do that..... and don't worry folks i won't be posting any spoilers.... just observations

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This is still my number one, and I'd say shinichi's dilemma Of living with this Parasyite makes for one of the most fascinating Duos' in all of anime, I'm very curious as to how it will end,
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I have moved the article to the right forum.

The episode is great. Seeing Migi's character change and Shinichi's issues with his mother and not reaching closure thrilling.

The lecture on animal behavioral science was very fascinating. The faces on Shinichi and the woman was fun to watch.

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