Paranormal Romance Characters

Paranormal Romance is a anime/manga concept
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The main character of disgaea 2


Akari is a young girl that appears just as mysteriously as Hikari.

Amika Kurebayashi

She is in love with Ryo, or "Ryo-sama".

Charlotte Elbourne


Chrono is one of the main protagonists of Chrono Crusade. Once a high-ranking demon, now befriending Rosette as he helps her, cleansed America of demons.

Doris Lang

A Werewolf Hunter's daughter, Doris Lang was bitten by the vampire Magnus Lee and seeks the help of D to kill the Count.

Edward Cullen

A fairly young vampire who falls in love with Bella Swan, they have one child, Renesmme.


lesser demon Elyse from the series My Balls!


Hikari is a girl whom Takeru finds in the forest and falls in love with in the first episode.

Karin Maaka

Karin is just a normal kid living a normal life... or so she would love to have it played. Instead, she is the 'black sheep' of a vampire family.


One of the Main characters in Wicked City. Makie is a agent of the Black Guard who is from the Black World. When not on duty she masquerades as a model.

Mari Nishino

Mari Nishino is Takeru's cousin.

Meier Link

he supposed antagonist, he took Charlotte for reasons unknown in the beginning, however, as the events progress, his motives become clear: he and Charlotte are in love, and they are trying to escape the persecution of their forbidden romance. He gained the respect (and loathing) of both vampires and humans alike as he doesn't kill without being provoked. Link has powers beyond a vampire of his age, including full regeneration from mortal wounds and a presence that deforms crucifixes, cracks mirrors, and wilts plants.

Moka Akashiya

Lead female of the series and Tsukune's genuine love interest.

Ninomiya Ryou

Ryo Ninomiya is Takeru's best friend and is something of a ladies' man, and is consistently called "Ro-baby" by Sakurako and Amika.


A 5th grade teacher who is also a skilled exorcist. He protects his students, and friends from ghosts, monsters, and demons with his demon hand.

Pip Bernadotte

The Commander of the wild geese

Rosette Christopher

Rosette Christopher is a stubborn exorcist of the Magdalene Order on a quest, along with her care-giving, demon accomplice Chrno, to find her missing brother Joshua.


Sakurako Urushima

These two girls love Ryo, or "Ryo-sama".

Sam Winchester

Sam Winchester hunts demons and supernatural creatures with his older brother, Dean.

Satou Kohta

The Protagonist Of the manga My Balls!

Seras Victoria

Seras a young police officer who was turned by Alucard and now struggles to accept what she is turning into.

Takeru Takemoto

Takeru Takemoto is this series' main character.

Taki Renzaburo

The main character of the Wicked City movie.

Tsukune Aono

Tsukune is a normal kid who had trouble getting accepted into high school. He gets accepted by the Yokai Academy where he makes many friends among the female students. Most of these girls have a desire to be with Tsukune, but he only wants to be with Moka.

Usui Kenta

Hes always had a hard time but things don't look like there going to get any better after meeting one strange little vampire.

Verdona Tennyson

Verdona Tennyson is the Anodite wife of max Tennyson and grandmother of Ben and Gwen Tennyson.


16-year old yuki-onna who Nube saved years ago from a hunter. Since then she has been following him and trying to win his heart.

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