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Paprika is an anime movie in the Paprika Franchise
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Just the right amout od weird seasoning Reviewed by ThePsychoGamer on May 28, 2009. ThePsychoGamer has written 23 reviews. His/her last review was for Negima!. 28 out of 37 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 3 users found this review helpful.

In the near future a new for a of therapy has been invented called dream therapy, using a device called the DC Mini. invented by Tokita, an obese scientist who's very childish. but when it's stolen, it;s up to Dr. Chiba, a co-creator of the dc mini, Detective Toshimi, a distressed detective who'd been stressing out over a murder for years, and Paprika, Dr. Chiba's alter ego, who can enter dreams. to find it before the test subjects are but into a coma.

Story review

The story is one of the best i've seen in a movie, it's a fun movie with characters the are as lovable as the art. that makes you feel like your in a dream. Unfortunately it's a very weird dream, and might be a little two weird for some (i would call then children and idiots).


The animation is a visual feast, art style helps make you feel like your in a dream. i wish i got the blu ray version of the dvd to fully enjoy the animation


I am adding this cause i heard some one say this could be enjoyed as much muted as set to high volumes, I believe they are wrong, to get the full experience you should have it at normal to loud. the sound track is one of the best in anime, (up there with Death note) featuring an orchestra that could rival that of Halo. also the dub is no par with the Japanese version if not better


Just about every thing


hard to fine cons for

In Conclusion

It's a great movie, why are you still reading? go buy the movie
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