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Panzer Kunst is a anime/manga concept
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Fighting style of the cyborg Alita. It's origins are supposedly from the planet Mars.

Panzer Kunst, or the "Armored Arts": This style of martial arts is said to be the most powerful of the various fighting techniques developed for humanoid cyborgs.
The fighting style was developed in anticipation of what environments and situations cyborgs might find themselves in, as opposed to what humans would normally expect, including zero-gravity environs (such as both outer space and free falls) and battles against large and/or ranged opponents.
While a certain level of strength is required to properly perform, the focus of Panzer Kunst is speed and utilizing vibrations to find and exploit an opponent's weak spots and damage internal vitals, but also to assess an opponent, ensuring that a practitioner (called a "Künstler") will not be defeated by an opponent twice, provided that opponent does not change his/her/its fighitng style in the meantime.
Künstler of this martial artform are ranked by their ability and given titles that, like the artform itself, are derived from German, such as "Anfänger" (beginner) or "Krieger" (warrior).


While Panzer Kunst likely has countless techniques developed by the various schools within its structure, the following are known techniques, used or described in the anime and/or manga.
  • Hertzen Hauen (hitting hearts) - A technique Alita favors, which allows for her to concentrate a series of vibrations into a vital spot within her target, allowing her to destroy or disrupt the heart or brain of her opponent.
  • Schatten Folgen (following shadows) - By determining an opponent's blind spots and then staying within these areas, the Künstler can effectively become invisible to her opponent.
  • Geschoss Schlag (artillery blow) - By firing off various mechanisms within the Künstler, a blow can be accelerated well beyond the speed of sound, thus augmenting the blow itself with a sonic boom-like effect that multiplies the force of the strike.
  • Einzug Rüstung (conquer armor) - Focusing on creating vibrations that directly disrupt the molecular structure of an opponent's armor allows a Künstler to tear that plating apart as if it was mere paper.
The techniques are categorized by how powerful and difficult to learn they are. Those known by most Künstler and often the least powerful, are simply known as Techniques. More advanced maneuvers are called "Geheimnis" (secret), while the most powerful and hardest-to-learn techniques are referred to as "Übergeheimnis" (super secret).
General Information Edit
Concept Name Panzer Kunst
Japanese Name: 機甲術
Romaji Name:
Aliases Armored Arts
1st manga book: Battle Angel Alita #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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