Watched the show and... wtf?

Topic started by Jinbeifan1 on Jan. 9, 2011. Last post by supermike6 4 years, 2 months ago.
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ok i started watching this Panty and stocking show out of curiosity because somehow a lot of people enjoyed it. i watch a couple episodes and think to myself... wtf did i just watch? it takes a total turn from regular animes usually the norm of anime is the girls are shy or don't talk about sex like real people do but never really cared for that kinda thing but this show took it to a whole different level that would offend so many people in so many ways cant even describe it. i mean i look a t One Piece where its adventures and fun then i look at this show where its mostly about sex so much so its way overboard i mean c'mon its just 2 sleezy "angels" being bitches getting obsessed with sex and killing ghost. not the best story ive heard its very... i dont even know how to put it its so wierd! so whats ur thoughts on it? u agree with me or think its somehow unique? dont get all worked up and hate on me for stating my opinion  
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I feel like Panty and Stocking was intended to be a parody of everything to do with not only anime but animation in general.  
For example, you could say that the animation decision to take cues off of the Powerpuff Girls in design was intentional in order to make it "alien" compared with other anime. By making it appear Western in style they're able to set it apart as if it were unlike typical anime. As such, it should not be looked at the same way one would look at anime at large. It is a unique piece of animation intended to parody everything that makes anime/animation at large ridiculous by taking everything from it that comes off as over-the-top and blows it even more out-of-proportion. They're also very original about it.
I, and I'm sure the same people who you say enjoyed it, find that hilarious and appreciate that most about Panty and Stocking.  
Think of it like how there's South Park in America. It's not intended to be that serious and it's not meant to offensive. I understand your discomfort towards it, however. A lot about animation of this caliber can appear a little tasteless at first. It's like going from soda to alcohol or something.
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i guess if u put it that way its like a japanese perverese version of south park with sluts lol and no i havent watched mitsudome it looks like a wierd lolicon sorta thing :P lol
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Well the thing about these kinds of anime is that you've just gotta look past appearances and try and understand the humor in context. Panty and Stocking's humor comes from its ridiculousness in context with anime at large. Mitsudomoe's humor comes from the ridiculousness of kids in apparently adult situations. The latter lends itself even better to the whole South Park analogy, as South Park is practically that except a Western version.
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I watched a bit of the first episode, and practically all I saw was poop jokes so I turned it off. Not my thing.
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