It's a parody. I hope.

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Gainax is an odd studio.  This goes without saying as this is the studio that has brought us such shows as FLCL and  Oruchuban Ebichu and that Gurren Lagann show people seem to like (I don't like it but that is neither here nor there). The latest show to be produced there is the new series Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. I'll admit I had no idea what this show was about other than that it was a Gainax production, which, in my eyes, is always worth a watch.  I'm not sure what I was expecting. But I am pretty sure what I got was nothing I was ready for. 
The show is about two angels named Panty and Stocking. Panty is blonde and enjoys having...relations with random men. Not exactly angelic behavior, but grounds for comedic jokes nonetheless. Stocking dresses in what can only be described as goth du jour and enjoys eating cake and sweets. It's funny because it goes against her aesthetic design. Garterbelt is a stereotype. And by that I mean he is a priest who happens to be black and happens to have an afro. This isn't the show you go to for compelling characters, though. 
The very first thing you are likely to notice is the strange style that seems less like anime and more like a Gendy Tartakovsky cartoon had sex with a Craig McCracken show and then added some Butch Hartman for good measure. There's something extremely foreign to it; foreign to Japan not to America. Like many American (and I assume other countries as well) cartoons, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt is broken up into little segments about twelve minutes in length rather than having one episode long story arc. 
It's a very frantic show. Scenes tend to move at such a pace that when you blink the next scene has already started with very little transition. I can't tell if the show is making fun of American cartoons or lovingly paying an homage to them. Or if it is even related to American cartoons as well. That could just be my immense love of early and late 90s American cartoons talking. First and foremost the show is a comedy and while many of the jokes seemed to rely on the promiscuity of Panty and numerous double entendres there are some really good visual gags that those with a discerning eye can pick up on. It adds flair to the show. 
Oh, yeah, and there is also a magical girl style transformation scene. Where the angels dance on a stripper pole. And it's so out of place that it feels right at home and has you laughing at how absurd it all is.
And that sums up the show better than any sentence can. Absurd. It is an absurd show, though one that made me laugh despite my better judgment. It's weird. It's zany. It's likely to put many people off. But there's just something about it that makes me want to see more. I can't explain it. Maybe it is the music.  The music is pretty great.
Yeah, I'm going with the music. That's what makes me want to see more.
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I really enjoyed this episode.  LIke you, I thought it felt a lot like an American cartoon.  Even small little things like how each segment has an opening picture with the title and a few credits.  The craziness of the setup reminds me of old disney tv shows like Duck Tales where anything can happen.  Not too many anime really embrace having episodes that aren't connected to some grand larger plot that the series will reach, but I think that style will help this show since it will just let them get into whatever crazy situation the writers can come up with.  
I was anticipating this series and it was better than what I was hoping.  I hope this gets licensed.  If there was any show that might make adult swim give anime a pre-midnight time slot and could actually be as successful as their own lineup, it's probably this one.  It looks like a US cartoon, has hq animation for action scenes like an anime, and the jokes and gags would all fit in with what adult swim shows.
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I really enjoyed it. Parody or no, it's simply crazy humour and I'm a sucker for that. Also the soundtrack and the animation is incredible.
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This may not be the best work coming for a studio that made many of my favorite anime, but I still enjoyed watching this one in particular. I thought that this episode was more of an adult cartoon than any anime I had seen. The only thing I could think of which is close to this style the show was shot is "Dead Leaves". Can't wait to see if I will be still enjoying this one with it's future episodes.
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Gainax can only make 3 kind of show
Crazy humour on DRUGS
AWESOME, hammy story
and psychological, symbol laden story
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I wasn't sure what to think at first but after watching it again I found I quite enjoyed it :) Its almost like the people at Gainax are all on drugs lol with the shows they tend to make
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