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Panty Shot is a anime/manga concept
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Gratuitous exposure of a character's panties, possibly the biggest fan service concept in anime and manga.


A Panty Shot refers to when a person's panties are shown, usually unintentionally. This can happen in a number of ways, the most common of which include wind flipping a skirt or someone bending over, revealing their underwear. People who don't wear skirts or dresses aren't guaranteed safe haven from the dreaded Panty Shot either, as other types of clothes can, on occasion, slip or get pulled off.

Anime & Manga

The Panty Shot or Panchira as it's referred to in Japan started appearing in anime and manga as early as the 1950s or 60s and has become a staple of fan service-themed franchises. It's arguably the most recurring fan service concept in the entire medium. Characters are usually deeply embarrassed after their panties are seen by others, though some are completely oblivious to it.

Notable Examples

  • Agent Aika basically revolves around the concept, showing several Panty Shots per episode. In many cases, there are groups of girls on-screen with their panties on show all at once, mainly due to the fact that the skirts they wear are often unfathomably short.
  • Sekirei has Panty Shots in virtually every episode of the anime, most frequently during fight scenes. The female characters in the franchise show extremely little concern or embarrassment, often happy to walk around naked, let alone in their underwear.
  • Is this a Zombie? features comical Panty Shots of Ayumu when he is forced to cross-dress.
  • In K-ON!, Mio suffers a particularly embarrassing Panty Shot on stage during a performance. This is censored in the anime, which shows a blue and white striped rice bowl to represent her panties.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Panty Shot
Japanese Name: パンチラ
Romaji Name: Panchira
Aliases Upskirt
Panty Flash
1st manga book:
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