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Tazuna is the flirty and outgoing twin sister of Katsumi.

Teru Nanba

The young landlord of Takeshi and Joe.

Terumo Masumi

A beautiful teenager who was bestowed with impressive supernatural abilities that was passed down through her family's bloodline, Terumo Masumi saves the drowning Ryuuji from a watery grave and from this point onwards, she is going to rock his world!

Ticy Phenyl

One of the members of the West Genetics Student Council. She's the school rank #3.

Tomoki Sakurai

Tomoki Sakurai is the main character in Heaven's Lost Property. He is a total pervert who likes panties and boobs. His quiet life changes forever when he meets Ikaros, a Pet-Class Angeloid that has fallen to Earth from the mysterious world of Synapse that orbits around Earth in the sky.


One of the four Golden Delmo's. Tonias main weapon is a pair of claws.

Tsukasa Nishino

Most popular girl in Junpei's middle school and his first and only official girlfriend.

Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo Tsun

Tsukutsun and Tsururin's mother. She is a trained martial artist.


Ukitsu is a dark-skinned master of martial arts who is masterful enough that she doesn't require the use of chi. She was ordered to challenge Hakufu and was nearly killed.

Unchou Kanu

The most feared and powerful Toushi around.


Gray's master from Fairy Tail, she taught him how to use ice magic. She sacrificed herself to stop Deliore.

Urara Ebihara

The beautiful teacher that was blackmail to teach at Kokudou Acadamy


Sekirei #10


The main Hero of Ride of the Valkyrie, she was betrayed by Frieya and turned over to the demon horde to become a sex slave.


Yuit's Automaton, and bodyguard.

White Princess

One of the many female characters within the Maid Bride manga, she is the beautiful princess of a distant, peaceful kingdom. She is blackmailed into having sexual relations with her wicked Staff Officer Zande, who seeks to make her his sex slave and himself the only one she will love.

Yako Takeshita

The oldest tenant that rents a room from Yoshino Murakami, Yako Takeshita tends to get drunk on a frequent basis, especially after getting out of work each night. Taking a interest to the exiled Korou Satou, Yako makes her move and becomes the first female tenant to sleep with him.


Steel Princess Ymir

Yohko Mono

Yoshii Yuka

To most, Yoshii Yuka appears to be a shy, somewhat-tsundere female who tends to keep to herself at school, but unknown to them, she hides a secret obsession with toying with herself while alone. She becomes sexually involved with Murayama Sawayka after "interrupting" his perverted actions one day at school.

Yoshino Murakami

The female landlord at the house that Korou Satou secures a room to rent while he stays in Tokyo, Yoshino harbors a strong distaste of those that she perceves to be perverted. She distrusts Korou because he's a man and gives him a week to find somewhere else to go.

Youko Suzuki

A girl at Jun's school who is part of the swimming club, that developed the Devil Beast Syndrome and could turn into a demon octopus. She was disgusted of her appearance and jealous of Juns beautiful form that she wanted to reveal her true appearance to the school.


A beautiful, shy woman who accidentally bumps into the Prince in the middle of a rainstorm, Yui is shocked when he begins putting the moves on her, telling her how much he loves her. She falls deeply in love with him after their sexual romp, becoming his first true love.

Yui Kotegawa

The head of the school disciplinary committee, as such she is disgusted by the situations that Rito inadvertantly gets himself stuck in.

Yui Minamito

Neighbor and childhood friend of Junpei until she moved away to the countryside.

Yuka Takeuchi

A professional of karate who resides in Tokyo.

Yukari Noda

Yukari Noda is an aggressive school girl who saved her male classmate, Kaoru Otobe, from a molester only to make him her personal toy.

Yukari Yakumo

Yuki Asano

Ryota's bright and active classmate.

Yuki Yoshida

A Vampire Ninja like Seraphim, but from a different faction.


16-year old yuki-onna who Nube saved years ago from a hunter. Since then she has been following him and trying to win his heart.


The central character in all of Henmaru Machino's adult manga works. She is passionate about nearly every sexual act and perversity in existence.

Yumin Yoshizawa

Yumin is a cop in korea, she is a main character in Sun-Ken Rock as well as Sun Ken rock Gaiden. She is the reason why Ken is in Korea.

Yuna Shingyouji

A news reporter appearing in the final episode of G-Taste.


One half of the Lovely Angels a.k.a. Dirty Pair. Yuri is skilled in using a sword, some guns and piloting spacecrafts. She is very ditzy yet smart and is usually thinking about boys or her looks while on missions.

Yuri Harase

character in Arubaito Shiyo

Yuuka Tanabe

Yuuka Tanabe is the main character of Netorare.


A busty female teacher at a Japanese high school in the Maid Bride manga, Yuuko becomes involved with Kishita, one of her current students who harbors strong feelings for her. By the end of their two chapter story, they are together in a quasi-relationship having sex together.

Yuuna Tachibana

A young, brillant student who is enrolled in homeschooling by her parents with teacher Makita Yousuke, Yuuna Tachibana harbors many wild, lust-filled fantasies that she longs to try with the mortified Makita. She appears to be a normal girl on the outside, but inside she is a sex-craving girl.

Yuzuki Eba

Female lead of Kimi No Iru Machi.

Yūki Kagami

After getting into Hourin Academy with a scholarship, Yuuki finds himself assigned to the girl's dormitory by mistake.

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