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Futaba Higuchi

The lead female in the Eroanime Discode, she has strong sexual desires and is secretly a futanari.

Ganessa Roland

The Pandora Bridgette L. Satellizer faced when she was demoted to Rank 2.

Gertrud Barkhorn

Gertrud Barkhorn is one the 501st Joint Fighter Wing from the Karsland Forces. She's is a powerful and stern fighter that takes pride in her duty.

Golden Darkness

A assassin that was sent to kill Rito by one of Lala's arranged suitors. Eventually she found out she was used and broke the contract with her employer. She said she wasn't finished with Rito but is really using this as a excuse to stay on earth.

Hakata Kanamori

One of the main characters of Ebiten.

Hakufu Sonsaku

Hakufu Sonsaku is the busty main female-protagonist of Ikki Tousen.

Hanako Tanaka

A runaway girl who stumbles upon Jin.


The perverted Grandmaster of the Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts, Happosai has taught Ranma and Genma Saotome and Soun Tendo. He is one of the strongest and most perverted character of the Ranma 1/2 series and is fond of stealing women's undergarments.

Haruka Nanase

Haruka Nanase is one of the Babel Student Council and one of the characters in Hagure Yusha no Estetica.

Haruka Nishiharu

Haruka Nishiharu is the girl from school who used to be incredibly obese and attacked Shingo after he rejected her confession of love. Intense exercise led to massive weight loss.

Haruka Tanaka

She is Taichi Tanaka's older sister.

Haruko Amaya

She is Takeru Ohyama's busty childhood friend and student at Tenbi Gakuen.


A character from the Dororon Enma-kun series. Harumi is Tsutomu's girlfriend and assists the Yokai patrol in their task of hunting demons in the 2011 anime.


A self-proclaimed 'masō-shōjo' from a magical world who wields a chainsaw named Mystletainn and battles demons known as Megalos.


A shy, distrusting teenager who's life was ruined by both a terrible accident and the victim of a terrible gang rape, Hayate harbors a strong disliking of men, shunning them away. She allows the Prince to take advantage of her, only to be shocked that he has healed her pain.

Hijiri Fuso

Hijiri Fusō is the school nurse and leader of the Boxing Club who is the only one who knows about Shingo's gynophobia.

Hime Yarizakura

A sixteen year old high school girl with supernatural powers who is the mayor of Sakurashin.

Hiroko Takashiro

Hiroko Takashiro is one of primary characters of the Bible Black Series and has been in all three series and the Bible Black Only side story.

Hiromi Amachi

Dr. Amachi's daughter and a close friend of Johji.

Hitomi Takami

Akitoshi's elder Sister, she also tries to become pregnant with his child in order to save his life.

Honey Kisaragi

A android girl who fights crime and to avenge the death of her father with the powers she gains from the Cutie System. She calls herself the warrior of love and she`s the first magical girl.

Inaho Kushiya

Self proclaimed fiancee of Takeru Ohyama.

Irene Vincent

Irene "Rally" Vincent is a bounty hunter and owner of the Chicago gun shop Gun Smith Cats. She's a crack shot and few know more about guns than she does.

Izumi Makihara

A childhood friend of Sanpeita that watches over him. She has feelings for Sanpeita, but can't seem to express them. She's determined to protect Sanpeita from what she sees as "unhealthy" influences.


Let's girlfriend who is a member of the Dragon Race.


G3, Jun/Princess was found in an orphanage by Dr. Nanbu. She is the rational voice of the Gatchaman and takes care of Jinpei as a younger brother.

Jun Asuka

The main character in Go Nagai's Manga Iron Virgin Jun. On Jun's 18th birthday her family has arranged for her to get married to a husband they choose to which Jun is not interested and decides to run away from the groom-choosing party.

Junko Mochida

Bible Black character

Kaere Kimura

She comes back from the US due to her dissociative identity disorder where she has two personalities named Kaede and Kaere. She constantly threatens to sue because she gets offended easily.

Kaho Hamamatsu

One of the main ladies of Tsuma to Mama to Boin.

Kaho Hiiragi

A classmate of Kazuya and Arthur who is also the class representative for their class.

Kakouen Myousai

Kakouen Myousai is a supporting character from the anime / manga Ikki Tousen and one of Motoku Sousou's elite battle grunts.

Kaku Bunwa

A cunning villain that gets very inhumane at times.

Kallen Kozuki

Kallen Kozuki is Britannian-Japanese mix-blood, but she identifies more with her Japanese half. The ace pilot of the Guren for the Black Knights.

Kanae Yata

The main protagonist of the manga Ziggurat. Kanae Yata is known as the Phantom Thief "Trinity" who steals archaeological treasures known as O-Parts.

Kanami Yotsuba

One of the main ladies of Tsuma to Mama to Boin. She is married to Yoichi.

Kanata Sorami

A young girl who joins the army as a bugler.

Kaori Saeki

A member of a group that's involved with "The Black Book". She is also a main character.

Kaoru Otobe

Kaoru Otobe is a feminine looking young man who's known to others as Otohime.

Karen Minamino

She was one of Aika's allies. She was originally a clone produced by an organization.


Personal bodyguard for Princess Natsu who carries around a portable I.V device.

Kasumi Matsubara

Kasumi is the female lead in The Hills have Size. She is the object of Ryo's desires.


Katsumi is far more timid that her twin sister, Tazuna; and she's in love with her neighbor Misaki.

Kazumi Aihara

A quiet and mysterious girl.


Kei is a member of the assassin group Midnight Panther. She is able to shapeshift into a Leopard in which she devours her prey after playing with them.


One of the Lovely Angels a.k.a. Dirty Pair. Kei is skilled in fire arms and is very tomboyish.

Kei Higashide

Kei Higashide is the cousin of Yuuta in the Nee Summer adult OVA.


One of the Members of the Student Police Committee.


The small combat robot in the appearance of a homely looking girl. It is piloted by MM. It is said that Kemeko was only a prototype for Kiriko. When MM enters Kemeko, her personality completely changes from timid to aggressive.

Kobato Hasegawa

Kadaka's little sister, who is actually in middle school. She consider herself as a vampire.

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