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Cathy Lockheart

She is a character of the franchise Freezing, for she is a Pandora of the show. She was forced to be there to keep the good reputation of the Lockheart name!


Cattleya appeared in the sixth series of Queen's Blade. She became a blacksmith along with her husband, Owen. After his disappearance, she travels to look for him with their son, Rana


Chaika is a character from the Asobi ni Ikuyo franchise and is a member of the Catian race.

Charles Bonaparte

She's a pandora from France, who is one of the five strongest pandoras. She really likes music for she is seen usually wearing a pair of big headphones!

Charlotte E. Yeager

Charlotte E. Yeager is one the 501st Joint Fighter Wing from the Liberion Forces. She is the queen of speed.

Charlotte Hazelrink

Large-breasted princess from the fictional Hazelrink Principality, and another love interest for Teppei.

Chiffon Fairchild

The current 3rd Year and rank no. 1 Pandora and Student Council President of the West Genetics Academy.

Chiharu Harukaze

Chiharu Harukaze is a student at the Hakuou Academy

Chiharu Shinonome

Chiharu is one of the newest members of the eiken club. She is popular and aced the entrance exams

Chihaya Ikaruga

Second youngest of the Ikaruga family. Works as a professional manga artist.

Chiho Masuda

A ninja who appears in Variable Geo.

Chika Koizumi

Ryota's level-headed childhood friend that has an unyielding spirit.

Chikage Hizaki

Chikage Hizaki is an arsonist killer as part of another secret organization.

Chinami Hashimoto

Childish, impulsive, and fickle girl in the same year as Misuzu. A gold-digger through and through.

Chisa Sakurai

An attractive office employee that appears in the ero anime Lingerie Office.

Chisato Yamane

Nami's best friend.

Chitose Nanbu

Chitose is one of the Main characters in Amaenaideyo!

Chizuru Minamoto

The busty, aggressive female lead in the anime Kanokon, she attends classes at Kunpo High in Japan. She is in fact a powerful Kitsune demon that falls deeply in love with Kouta Oyamada after laying eyes upon him. Extremely affectionate and not afraid to show her love in public.

Chou'un Shiryuu

A Powerful silver-haired toushi with a sword.

Chun Li

Chun-Li is a character from the Street Fighter II universe.


The chief commanding officer of the Delmo Corps who after Hagen's demise took command of the Delmogeny.

DD girls

The DD girls were five powerful Youma that took orders from Queen Beryl and were the last line of Defense for the Dark Kingdom.

Diane Ryan

A waitress from America, and participant of the Variable Geo tournament.

Dokuro Mitsukai

An angel assassin from the future who ends up trying to save her target. She uses her magical weapon Excalibolg to bring misery into Sakura's life.

Doris Lang

A Werewolf Hunter's daughter, Doris Lang was bitten by the vampire Magnus Lee and seeks the help of D to kill the Count.

Doris Nicholas

A mercenary in Guard of Rose.


Durel is a Catian doctor and a character from the Asobi ni Ikuyo franchise.

Eiko Magami

The main character of the Project A-Ko series. A-Ko is unique girl who has superhuman strength, speed and invulnerability.

Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen

Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen is one the 501st Joint Fighter Wing from the Suomus Forces. She is a skilled fortune teller.

Elcia Harvence

One of the lead heroines in Purely Kiss.

Eleanor Mercer

A foreign-exchange student attending classes in Japan, she is madly obsessed with her childhood friend Yumioka Masaki and seeks to be with him for the rest of her life. Not shy with her curvacious body, Eleanor takes the concept of a wild, sex-obsessed girl to the extreme.

Emi Kizaki

Linebarrels of Iron A mysterious girl of whom initially nothing is known, Emi is the initial Factor (pilot) of Linebarrel, and indirectly the one responsible of Kouichi's "death"

Emi Tanba

Emi Tanba is a nurse at Ohka Hospital who loves designer clothes and a bisexual friend of Sayoko Bizen.

Emily Sevensheep

Emily Sevensheep is a beastgirl of the Magical World and Class Representative of class 3-C of the Magical Academy City. She is a big fan of Nagi Springfield and believed that Negi while in his aged form and using his father name is a reincarnation of Nagi himself.

Eri Harada

Eri Harada is a nurse in the Bible Black series.

Eri Shinkai

She was one of Aika's allies during her early days. She is a girl that loves adventure and mysteries.

Erica Blandelli

She is a knight of the Copper Black Cross and a character in the Campione! anime series.

Erica Hartmann

Erica Hartmann is one the 501st Joint Fighter Wing from the Karlsland Forces and the ace pilot. Out of battle she's playful and laid back.

Erio Tōwa

Makoto's first cousin who claims to be a extraterrestrial lifeform. Following an incident where she broke her leg while trying to fly on her bike, she constantly wraps herself inside a futon.


A woman of very few words, she uses her mechanical puppets to attack her enemies.

Espresso Sabatini

Appears in 15 Bishoujo volume one, she has a bondage fetish.


A demon that serves Laharl along with Flonne in his journey to reclaim the demon overlord throne

Etsuko Yamanobe

A Newscaster that will use perversion to increase her ratings.

Eucliwood Hellsythe

A necromancer who lives in the Underworld who resurrected Ayumu Aikawa as a Zombie to be her bodyguard and a constant companion. Due to her immense amount of mana she is unable to speak. She communicates with either a simple smile or by writing her thoughts and ideas.

Fernandia Malvezzi

Fernandia Malvezzi is one the 504th Joint Fighter Wing from the Romagna Forces.

Francesca Lucchini

Francesca Lucchini is one the 501st Joint Fighter Wing from the Romagna Forces. She's the youngest and most playful member.

Fraw Bow

After boarding the White Base during the evacuation of Side 3, she joins the medical crew. She also looks after the three young orphans, Katz Hawin, Letz Cofan and Kikka Kitamoto.

Fumino Serizawa

She is the childhood friend of Takumi. Everything she says is the opposite of what she actually feels.

Fumitsuki Nanakorobi

The class president of Chitose's class who has a secret crush on him.

Furan Takaki

She is the head of the Student Council. The school's students have the ability to use magic to fight one another.

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