Pantherlily is a anime/manga character in the Fairy Tail franchise
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One of the members of the Royal Army in Edoras in the series Fairy Tail. He is a large cat-person capable of flight and great strength.


Pantherlily is a cat warrior who stands on two feet. It appears he may be an Exceed.


Pantherlily was created by Hiro Mashima. His Japanese voice actor is Hiroki Touchi.

Story Arcs

Edolas Arc

He makes his appearance after Byro does his creepy laughter. Since he is in a bad mood, he tells Byro and Hughes to shut it. Erza, Hughes, and Sugarboy note that Pantherlily dislikes the recent military buildup.

Pantherlily reappears when all the generals (except Erza Knightwalker) gather for a meeting with King Faust. In their meeting, they discuss the Earthland mages and their magic. Despite Hughes' protest to use Lucy Heartphilia's magic, Faust states they are under Queen Shagot's orders to kill her, and Byro comments that they cannot extract magic from humans. With Byro's statement, Pantherlily questions his King about keeping the Dragon Slayers. Byro explains that their technology can extract magic from them because they are neither human nor dragons. After the meeting is over, Pantherlily asks Faust if there was anything wrong. Then he asks Faust about the reasons for the recent military build up. Pantherlily, who receives a glare from Faust, leaves without his answers.

Pantherlily appears in front of Gajeel and Happy who attempt to restore the lacrima. He fights Gajeel, and during their battle, Pantherlily and Gajeel start to enjoy punching each other. When the Dragon Chain Cannon hits the lacrima island, Pantherlily's battle stops since Gajeel has to assist his guild to push back the island. He tells Coco and the others that this is a futile effort, yet Coco replies that she is doing this because happiness matters over unlimited magic. Suddenly, the Exceeds soar in to help push back the island. Pantherlily saves Shagotte who falls down, and he asks her if she is tired of lying. Shagotte replies yes.

The island warps via reverse anime to Earthland, and Pantherlily cries after seeing Mystogan. Remembering Mystogan's smile in his flashback of getting exiled, Pantherlily gets shot in the torso by Erza Knightwalker. Later, a female Exceed helps Pantherlily, and Mystogan approaches and asks him for assistance. In the center room, Mystogan explains that he is taking all the magic from Edolas and sending it into Earthland. He informs Pantherlily to kill him because the new king of Edolas must vanquish the villian, yet Pantherlily refuses.

Suddenly, a soldier reports to them that Natsu is wrecking the city. At first, they are confused until Nady explains that he told Natsu and the others about their problem. Pantherlily observes Mystogan's fight with Natsu until the battle ends when the reverse anime take s them to Earthland.

In Earthland, Pantherlily appears as a miniature cat. He asks Gajeel if he is going to keep his promise and team up with him. He wants to join the guild since it helped his prince. Also, he has found someone suspicious, and Gajeel and him throw Lisanna on the ground.

Powers & Abilities

Pantherlily has a sword that changes size. However, Gajeel breaks Pantherlily's sword during their battle.

Buster Ma'am
Buster Ma'am
The first attack on Gajeel. It's probably the smallest and basic sword size in his arsenal.
Master Ma'am
Master Ma'am
Pantherlily's sword grows to an enormous size. According to Happy, Pantherlily's sword is around four times as long as he himself is tall.

After arriving in Earthland, Pantherlily shrank down into a smaller exceed form similar to Happy and Carla, however can transform into his muscular form for short amounts of time to fight.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Hiroki Touchi
General Information Edit
Name: Pantherlily
Name: パンサーリリー
Romanji: Pansārirī
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Fairy Tail #21
1st anime episode: Fairy Tail #80
1st anime movie:
Aliases Panther Lily
Recent Movies
Fairy Tail the Movie: The Phoenix Priestess

The first anime film adaptation of Hiro Mashima's manga series.

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