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Paniponi Dash is an anime series in the Paniponi franchise
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Paniponi Dash is a 2005 comedy series based off of the Paniponi manga and features animation production by Shaft. The story follows the day-to-day adventures of 11-year old high school teacher Rebecca Miyamoto and the students that attend her school.


Paniponi Dash is a episodic comedy that details the not so everyday things that happen everyday at Momotsuki Academy. Along with slapstick humor and gags, the series regularly parodies and references other anime, live action shows (both western and eastern), videogames and movies. Being episodic in nature, each episode stands alone and the events in one, such as major character death, don't carry over into the next. Along with this and the references, Paniponi Dash can be very random at times, with scenes and events often taking place for no apparent rhyme or reason outside of making a joke or setting up a gag. Additionally, the show heavily uses Japanese LEET speak and ASCII art to convey the emotions of characters and it isn't rare to see a person's face literally be made of symbols such as ">_<" and others.

Main Characters

Rebecca Miyamoto
Also known as "Becky," Rebecca is a diminutive 11-year-old genius and is shorter than the children she is supposed to teach at Momotsuki High School. In addition to wrangling the crazy, goofy, and just plain weird students in her class, she is also trying to prove to herself and her colleagues that she can be a successful teacher. She is a mix of Japanese and American and graduated M.I.T with top honors.
Himeko Katagiri
Himeko is a super bubbly ditz who is very motivated at goofing off and getting lost in her own thoughts, which generally have nothing at all to do with school or class. She also has a catch phrase: "Ma Ho", which she will use in any way she can. She is also the most sympathetic towards Mesousa.
Rei Tachibana
Rei has an outward demeanor that is very cold and calculating but she's actually very kind and helping, although she doesn't hesitate to let someone learn the hard way if she thinks they need it. She is also an expert level chef when it comes to Chinese cuisine and is extremely business minded. She also has the ability to make it look like an eyeball is in her hand, which proves useful whenever Becky gets a bit too rude and demeaning and needs to be put in her place. Additionally, Rei, along with Kurumi Momose, bears the brunt of the series's fanservice duties.
Miyako Uehara
Miyako is a serious student who can often be seen studying or trying to convince everyone to return to class and study. Unfortunately, this is all for naught as her academic performance is poor to average. She is best known for her huge and reflective forehead which has served as a flashlight, laser weaponry, a lighthouse and a variety of other uses throughout the series.
Ichijo is the class representative for Becky's class. Ichijo provides much of the series randomness as her replies are often completely off subject and she has been portrayed as everything from a missile launching cyborg to an exorcist. Despite being soft spoken, she has an extremely sadistic personality and often tries to poison others or somehow cause them harm (even death) when they least expect it.
Kurumi Momose
Kurumi is perhaps the most "normal" student in Rebecca's class, but she is hounded by this fact and it causes her much strife. She hates being referred to as plain and becomes incredibly depressed whenever this happens, often retreating to the school's rabbit hutch. Additionally, Kurumi, along with Rei Tachibana, bears the brunt of the series's fanservice duties.
Mesousa is Becky's pet rabbit and plays the role of the show's whipping boy, or in this case whipping rabbit. Clinically depressed and almost always on the verge of tears, Mesousa is constantly looking for approval and trying to fit in and feel accepted by Becky's students. Unfortunately, he usually gets verbal and physical abuse heaped upon his tiny little rabbit head. Especially from Lord Cat, Ichijo and her little sister.
Season/Ep# Name Airdate
1 - 26
No One Knows What May Happen Tomorrow
1 - 25
A Critical Time
1 - 24
You Are Responsible for Your Own Death
1 - 23
Misfortunes Never Come One by One
1 - 22
Today a Man, Tomorrow a Mouse
1 - 21
A Demon Wearing Clothes
1 - 20
A Wise Man Will Know Not to Approach Danger
1 - 19
Art Causes Harm to the Body
1 - 18
Good Things Come to He Who Wait
1 - 17
The Way to Heaven Does Not Favor Anyone
1 - 16
Adversity Makes a Man Wise
1 - 15
Endure Patiently and You Will Not Wilt
1 - 14
Hugging a Stone and Jumping Into an Abyss
1 - 13
The Wages of Sin Come Like the Tip of a Needle
1 - 12
There are No Classes Between Humans, but Many Within Humans
1 - 11
Inscrutable Are the Ways of Heaven
1 - 10
Even a Thoroughbred Has Its Habits
1 - 9
There Are Eight-Year Old Sages and 100-Year-Old Kids
1 - 8
Bear with Sansho Spice Is Like Carp with Pepper
1 - 7
Good and Bad Luck are Decided by the Person, Not by the Calendar

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Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Akiyuki Shinbo

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Name Paniponi Dash
Name: ぱにぽにだっしゅ
Romaji: Pani Poni Dasshu
Publisher FUNimation
Start Year 2005
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Aliases Pani Poni Dash
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