Panicked Fishing

Panicked Fishing is an anime episode of Tsuritama that was released on 04/12/2012

Yuki Sanada transfers schools a lot, and is really shy and nervous around others. He finds himself moving to a beautiful ocean city of Enishioma, which, legend has it, was once controlled by a dragon. Yuki, determined not to seem weird, reluctantly makes friends with Haru, an eccentric, blonde-haired alien, and Natsuki, a black-haired, glasses-wearing fishing prodigy. As Yuki tries fishing for the first time, little does Yuki know, he is in for a few surprises.

Plot Summary

Haru visits the aquarium
Haru visits the aquarium

There is an old legend about a dragon who lived in the ocean near Enoshima, a small island town in Japan. The dragon caused people to suffer, and the world was engulfed in dark clouds. This was until a goddess came down from the skies to illuminate the world and drove off the dragon. In present day, a young blonde-haired boy (Haru) arrives at Enoshima. He visits the aquarium and has some sort of control over the fish there and has them dance in beautiful ways. Elsewhere, Yuki Sanada, a red-haired boy, is transferring to a school in Enoshima. He gets very nervous when talking in-front of his classmates, almost as if he is drowning in water. Yuki's grandmother, Kate, reassures him that Enoshima is a great place and he'll like it there.

Haru and Kate
Haru and Kate

Yuki and Kate's new home is wonderful, as it has a nice garden and an great view of the wide ocean. After unloading their belongings Yuki heads off to school. Kate encourages him to smile and hold his head high. While Kate is at home alone, she has a visitor, it's Haru who introduces himself as an alien, and says he'll live with them. Kate is a little surprised, but welcomes him into their home. Yuki hops on the train to get to school, he sees a guy and a girl wearing the same school uniform as him. Yuki isn't sure whether to give up his seat for a middle-aged man, and ends up embarrassing himself in-front of his schoolmates.

Yuki's new classmates
Yuki's new classmates

When Yuki introduces himself to his classmates at school, he is nervous but it goes surprisingly well. Yuki even has a chance to express how beautiful he thinks Enoshima is so far. As Yuki sits down a second transfer student arrives, it's Haru. He is carrying a fishing pole and proudly announces, "I'm an alien!" to the class. Haru then finds Yuki and pretends to reel him in with his fishing rod. This rest of the class is enjoying this, but Yuki, who was determined to not seem weird for once, is stuck not knowing what to do. Also for whatever reason, after Haru shoots Yuki with a water gun, Yuki goes unconscious and wakes up a few minutes later doing a dance.

After school Haru follows Yuki around and keeps asking him to go fishing. Yuki tries his best to ignore Haru. Haru squirts Yuki with his watergun again, and Yuki wakes up standing in a fishing equipment shop called The Heming Way. Natsuki comes into the shop, and they learn that he lives there and is called the "fishing prince", as he is very good at fishing. This time Haru squirts Natsuki with his water gun, and he finds himself with Haru and Yuki on the peer with fishing gear. Haru wants Natsuki to teach them how to fish. Yuki is skeptical, thinking that fishing is for old men. Natsuki gets mad at Haru and Yuki when they try fishing, leaving Yuki not knowing what to do again. Yuki gets a bite, but the fish gets away, and Natsuki says he needs to keep calm or else the fish will get away.

Haru will be staying with them
Haru will be staying with them

When Yuki arrives home that night, he is exhausted by all that happened during the day. Kate greets Yuki, and she is excited to hear that Yuki went fishing with a friend. But Yuki is still not ready to call Haru his friend. Haru burst through the door, and Kate tells Yuki that he'll be staying with them. As Haru begins to chase Yuki around the house Haru says to him, "Hey Yuki, let's save the world!" Yuki is not looking forward to living with Haru, but Haru and Kate are as enthusiastic as ever.

Points of Interest

  • Kate works at a garden at Enoshima, she points this out to Yuki when they arrive at their new home.
  • Yuki, on his way to school, passes by an un-opened Whitebait Bowl restaurant. This is probably the one that Natsuki's father planned to take over.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Kenji Nakamura Director Creator of Mononoke and Kuchu buranko
Yuichi Takahashi Character Artist/Designer
Atsuya Uki Character Artist/Designer Director of Cencoroll


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