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Pandora Hearts follows a young boy named Oz who is sent to another dimension (the Abyss) but escapes. Now along with his friends he must fight to protect their city and each other from the evils of the Abyss and the secrets that lie there.


Pandora Hearts is a thrilling manga written by Jun Mochizuki. The manga is beautifully drawn and follows many interesting and endearing characters as they try to unwrap the interlocking mysteries of the Abyss and The Tragedy of Sabrie.


  • Square Enix Co. (Japan)
  • Yen Press (North America)
  • Edition Ki-oon (France)
  • Norma Editorial (Spanish)
  • Sharp Point Press (Taiwan)

Publication History

Pandora Hearts was originally published by the SQUARE ENIX CO. in Japan, 2006. Yen Press published the English version of the manga in December 2009.


There are many small changes made to the wording in the different translations, and a few changes were made to the characters names. The main character was originally named Oz Bezarius in Japanese but was changed to Oz Vessalius in the English translation. Similar changes were made to the names of other characters such as; the character Shalon (Japanese) was changed to Sharon (English), also Liam (Japanese) was changed to Reim (English) and Leo (Japanese) was changed to Reo (English).


The characters in Pandora Hearts are extremely different from each other and its often hard to tell whether a character is on the side of good or evil which adds to the complexity of the manga.

Oz Vessalius

Oz Vessalius is the main protagonist of the story and is shown to be very adaptable, brave and optimistic although he is often childish and arrogant. At his coming of age ceremony he is sent to the Abyss (a prison like dimension) and is forced to sign a contract with Alice to escape. After he returns home, he begins to understand what happened and how his life has changed. Oz reunites with his friends such as Gilbert and Sharon but grows especially close to Alice as they all continue searching for answers.


Alice is a chain whose memories have been shattered and now she is determined to find them. Alice is not like the others chains (a creature born in the Abyss) because she is still more human than creature. Alice saved Oz's life and then made a contract with him so they could both escape the Abyss. When they reached the real world Alice made finding her lost memories and protecting Oz her top priorities. Alice is loud, prone to violence and hot-tempered but has been shown to be very sensitive and caring on occasion.

Gilbert Nightray

Gilbert Nightray was once a servant to the Vessalius household and childhood friends with Oz but after Oz disappeared into the Abyss he was adopted by the Nightray family. Gilbert is normally quiet but can get annoyed by Alice or Break. Gilbert joined forces with Break and Sharon because he thought he might be able to help Oz that way. After Oz returns, Gilbert becomes his servant and protector again.

Xerxes Break

Xerxes Break is a high-ranking member of Pandora and a servant of the Rainsworth house. Break is almost always seen with Sharon who he cares about very much. He has a puppet named Emily that he carries on his left shoulder, Emily moves and talks independently of him. Break dislikes many people including; Vincent Nightray, Rufus Barma and the Cheshire Cat. Break often acts insane but is in fact extremely intelligent, cunning and powerful when he needs to be.

Sharon Rainsworth

Sharon Rainsworth is the only daughter of the Rainsworth house and a member of Pandora. She is very sweet and is always concerned about the others safety. Sharon normally stays in the background and lets Break handle most of the business involving Pandora.

Vincent Nightray

Vincent Nightray is the younger brother of Gilbert Nightray and a member of the government organization Pandora. Vincent is creepy, disturbing and violent. He cuts up stuffed animals with a pair of scissors and has an obsessive love for his brother Gilbert. Vincent is shown to be quiet evil and twisted most of the time especially in the recent chapters of the manga. Vincent played a major part in the Tragedy of Sabrie in which an entire city disappeared into the Abyss but he refuses to tell even Gilbert about it.

Story Arcs

Coming of Age Ceremony Arc(1)

Working for Pandora Arc (2-3)

Cheshire's Dimension Arc (4-6)

Lutwidge Academy Arc (6-7)

Break's Past Arc (7-8)

Saiber Arc (8-11)

Re-Emergence of the Head-Hunter Arc (11-12)

The Feast Arc (12-15)

Jack's Intention Arc (15-20)

Swan Song Arc (21-23)

General Information Edit
English Name Pandora Hearts
Japanese Name: パンドラハーツ
Romaji: Pandora Hātsu
Publisher Yen Press
Start Year 2006
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