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Pandora Hearts is an anime series in the Pandora Hearts franchise
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The Curse of The Unfinished Manga Reviewed by Adanadhel on Feb. 10, 2011. Adanadhel has written 16 reviews. His/her last review was for Pandora Hearts. 26 out of 43 users recommend his reviews.
Next time you pick up an anime to watch, beware! 
The curse of the unfinished manga may be in it. 
To be quite honest, if the only mistake of Pandora Hearts was having an open ending due to the manga not being finished I wouldn't have given such a low rating to it. Let's just say that the open (and bad) ending was the cherry on the top. 
Oz Bezarius, son of a nobleman is about to come of age and thus, a ceremony to celebrate this fact will be held in a mansion that hides many secrets behind it. While exploring outside the place, Oz starts to see, in his mind, a disturbed girl who is in a room full of toys. Still confused about what he saw, the young man returns to the mansion and the ritual starts. When the ceremony is about to finish, Oz finds himself  surrounded by mysterious people who want to send him to the Abyss, a place said to be a prison in where creatures called Chains will take the bad guys to places from which they can't escape. 
The boy ends up being sent to the Abyss and there he meets with the girl he saw before. He finds out that her name is Alice, a Chain and she tells him she is the only way for him to get out of that cursed place. In order to do that he needs to seal a contract which consists on lending his body to the Chain. Oz agrees to it and together with Alice, the Black Rabbit, they leave the Abyss only to find themselves 10 years in the future in front of three people who were just about to go rescue him. 
Sharon, Xerxes Break and Raven work for Pandora, a group of people who hunts wild Chains and Chains that have signed a contract with humans (called Illegal Contractors). Upon finding out that Oz made a deal with B-Rabbit they decide to take them to Pandora's Headquarters. Before they can do that, however, they are attacked by a Chain and are saved by Alice. The girl then, reveals that she only wants to find her lost memories that are shattered throughout the world. Believing that these memories might be related to a tragedy that took place 100 years ago, Alice and Oz are sent in a journey to find out more about Alice's past. 
While this sounds promising, as far as story goes, very little happens after this. And this basically summarizes the 4 first episodes. After that we have very little development overall. Lots of episodes are filled with information, that in the end turns up useless. If the story wouldn't be finished in the anime anyway then it might as well have been compressed into 12 or 13 episodes. Watching 25 episodes only to get nothing in the end gave out a feeling of a huge waste of time. 
There are some good points to the series, however. The problem is that they walk hand in hand with counterpoints. The main characters are well developed, even though the feeling I had was that they were developed to no purpose in the end. The soundtrack is from Kajiura Yuki, which is enough to know that we aren't dealing with crappy stuff here. Unfortunately, Kajiura's excellence was put to a bad use. The songs are repetitive and used in wrong moments, showing that more important than a good composition is a good sound direction. The art ranges from beautiful to average and even the many references to Alice in the Wonderland present in the show add up for nothing.  
Up to a point it was enjoyable watching Pandora Hearts, but as the end drew closer and nothing happened to help clarify the main points I felt kinda annoyed for having watched it at all. The lack of respect from the studios is becoming chronic and Pandora Hearts ends up being another anime on an already overcrowded list with shows that could have been something but turns out average due to bad production.    
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