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Pandora Hearts is an anime series in the Pandora Hearts franchise
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Ada Bezarius

Oz Bezarius' younger sister.


Alice is the heroine of Pandora Hearts. She is a beautiful chain with dark brown hair in two long plaits. She is hot-headed, loud spoken, and has a huge appetite. It is also seen that she has feelings for her contractor, Oz Bezarius.

Break Xerxes

Break is a member of the organization known as Pandora. Break has many different personalities which come and go throughout the series, he can be silly and carefree one moment and then evil and sinister the next! He also love sweets and his doll Emily.

Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat is the guardian of memories, specifically the memories of Alice. He attacks Oz and Raven when they investigate her memories.


Dug is a baskerville member.


Vincent Nightrays servant. A small girl who barely talks most of the time but shows to be very obedient to her master.

Elliot Nightray

Step Brother to Gilbert and Vincent and good friends with Oz Bezarius.

Fang Baskerville

Fang is supporting member of the Baskerville.

Glen Baskerville

The head of Baskerville as well as an old friend of Jack Bezarius. He helped Jack make the musical pocketwatch Oz now owns.

Intention of the Abyss

A girl who resembles Alice, only with white hair. She controls the Abyss in it's entirety.She is actually Alice's twin sister and the vessel for the core of the abyss.

Jack Bezarius

The man who "killed" Glen Baskerville 100 years ago as well as the one who can completely control Alice through possession of Oz.


A servant of Glenn Baskerville who shares a history with Jack Bezarius. Lotti is also partially responsible for the Tragedy of Sabrie.


Oscar is Oz's uncle who is often on very friendly terms with the members of Pandora, especially Break. He is a father-like figure to Oz and Gilbert.

Oz Bezarius

Oz Bezarius is the main protagonist of Pandora Hearts. He is a 15-yer-old boy with blonde hair and green eyes. Oz was once the chain B-Rabbit a stuffed laminate doll owned by Alice.

Phillipe West

The son of William west and appears later in Saiber.


Raven(Gilbert Nightray) is the servant of Oz who has black hair and golden eyes. He appears to be cold and quite but, despite this, he is very caring and kind, especially to Oz. He is very skilled at handling guns and cooking.

Reim Lunettes

Reim Lunettes is a valet for the Barma family and a friend of Break.

Reo Nightray

Servant to Elliot. Reo is a shy and bookish sort of fellow.

Rufus Barma

The last of the four remaining dukes, known as the longest living duke and is a very knowledgeable person.

Sharon Reinsworth

Sharon is the lady of the Reinsworth family and a close friend of Breaks. She took Break in after discovering what happened to him after his eye was stolen.

Shelly Rainsworth

Shelly Rainsworth is the mother of Sharon and daughter to Sheryl

Sheryl Rainsworth

Sheryl Rainsworth is the mother of Shelly and grandmother of Sharon her chain is Owl.

Vincent Nightray

Vincent is Gilbert Nightrays (Raven) younger brother, and cares very much for his brother. He also has a rather sadistic side. He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama in the Pandora Hearts anime adaptation.

Xai Vessalius

Xai Vessalius is the father of Ada and the one who sent Oz into the Abyss.


The first minor antagonist Oz meets before being sent to the Abyss. A young girl who is able to control people with her chain, doldom.

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