Painful Countdown

Painful Countdown is an anime episode of Tsuritama that was released on 05/24/2012

Painful Countdown

Yuki uses his pay to buy his own fishing equipment. Natsuki teaches him a new fishing technique that involves counting down. Haru is insecure about going out to sea after losing control last time at Akemi. It's Natsuki's birthday, and everyone decides to go out for a day on Inoue's boat. Sakura is worried about Natsuki and wants him to get along with father. It doesn't seem like the Usami family is in the best shape.

Plot Summary

Akira recalls how Haru went out of control
Akira recalls how Haru went out of control

Yuki is spending his pay from working on the Seishunmaru to purchase his own fishing gear. His purchase comes out to 100 000 Yen (approximately $1280). Natsuki is happy for him. Suddenly Haru does not want to fish anymore saying it is too dangerous and boring. Akira reports to his "Duck" superiors about the incident on the boat (from episode 6) while fishing at Akemi where Haru, Yuki, Natsuki and Akira lost their memory for a certain period of time. He calls the incident "Bermuda Syndrome" (see Note 1). His superiors don't believe him.

It seems Haru is taking up soccer instead of fishing. Akira continues to come fishing with Yuki and Natsuki. Natsuki teaches Yuki a new fishing technique, how to measure the depth of the water by using a sinking bait, then using that information to lure fish at different depths. Moreover, Natsuki tells Yuki to always think about what he's doing and come up with fishing strategies of his own, because this is a skill that every great angler needs.

Haru asks Kate why his heart hurts
Haru asks Kate why his heart hurts

While they are fishing Sakura stops by and tells Natsuki that in two days it will be his birthday, and that they are going to go fishing as a family. Natsuki is not enthused (because of his relationship with his father) and invites Yuki to come along. That night, Haru feels his heart hurt and tries putting a band-aid over it. Kate sees this and tries comforting him by saying he has to try hard and think of what he can do. The next day Haru seems to have switched from soccer to playing ball-in-a-cup.

Sakura shows them the bracelets she made
Sakura shows them the bracelets she made

Sakura is worried that Natsuki will not come fishing with them. Inoue decides that everyone should come out, everyone agrees and thinks it's a great idea, except for Haru. Ever since the incident at Akemi, Haru has been ever reluctant to go out to sea. Haru finally decides to go because deep down he still wants everyone to get along and be friends. It is Natsuki's birthday, everyone seems excited to go out on the boat, except for Natsuki. Sakura is worried about Natsuki, she made some bracelets for her family members one for each person using their favorite colour, but is not sure when to give them out. Yuki says he will tell her when.

Natsuki and his father
Natsuki and his father

Haru decides to snap a photo of Natsuki and his father (Tamotsu). Yuki signals for Sakura to give the bracelet to Natsuki. His father makes a comment about how Natsuki is going to become a fishing pro. Natsuki bursts out angrily that he will never become a pro if he stays and catches the same fish in Enoshima. Tamotsu replies by saying then that he should leave, follow his dream, and not worry about the shop.

Who or what does this purple halo belong to?
Who or what does this purple halo belong to?

Just then, a fishing boat is rushing toward them, the people on it seem to be under mind control. Haru and Coco notice the purple triangle above the sea that they saw at Akemi and say "it's him, isn't it." (See note 2) Inoue manages steers the boat to avoid getting hit. In the commotion Sakura looses grip of the orange bracelet (for her mother). Sakura almost falls overboard trying to save the bracelet, but is too late, it sinks into the ocean, and Haru holds onto Sakura to prevent her falling overboard as well. Once things settle, Natsuki is relieved that Sakura is safe. Sakura is angry and sad and blames Natsuki for the lose of the bracelet and wishes Natsuki would get along with dad and smile and have fun with everyone. Sakura calls him a jerk, Natsuki slaps her causing her to cry. Natsuki walks off angrily.

We learn that Natsuki's mother died some time ago. That night Sakura goes missing. The episode ends with a clip of a fleet of ships, seemingly all under mind control sailing in the same direction toward Enoshima.


1. This is a reference to the Bermuda Triangle, a part of the ocean just southeast of Florida, USA. Various ship disappearances have occurred in that area, and some believe this to be the result of paranormal activity.

2. Haru sometimes has a yellow triangle appear over his head. When the yellow triangle broke in episode 6, he lost control of himself. At this point in the series, the purple triangle has only been seen once, in episode 6, and we do not know who or what it belongs to.

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