Page 9: That Summer's 21 Pitches

Page 9: That Summer's 21 Pitches is an anime episode of Heaven's Memo Pad that was released on 09/02/2011

Plot Summary

Summer has started. Narumi and the other NEETs, hang out quite often at a particular arcade together. Narumi and Mukai often play a Power Baseball arcade game against each other. It has information about almost all teams and players from the past. One day the yakuza that own the arcade property come into the arcade, saying that the rent is going to up, and ostensibly they are going to turn it into a pachinko parlour. Mukai objects to this and gets the yazuka, led by Nemo, to agree to a baseball game. Mukai thinks this is for the Power Baseball arcade game, but in actuality it turns out to be a real baseball game.

Now the NEETs have to get people to play, and train up for the game the whole summer. Alice is irritated, but agrees to help them on the condition that she is the team captain. So Narumi and the others spend much of their summer time exercising and playing baseball. Nemo and his team roster seem to be very experienced baseball players. Nemo especially was a very accomplished pitcher over 30 years ago, but there aren't many records about his pitching style.

Coming game day, Soichirou's own pitching is doing the NEET team well. But, since Soichirou is still recovering from his wounds he breaks down about half way through the game. Some quick strategic adjustments by Alice and Narumi enable the NEETs to make a comeback and win the game. Nemo sticks by his word and agrees not to make the rent go up. Narumi and Mukai are hanging out in the arcade again, and Mukai is playing over the internet and losing 10-0 against someone. That someone turns out to be Alice.

Ayaka's brother, who she hasn't seen in a while, and doesn't really talk about has returned. It seems that this is going to be the start of a new mystery.

Characters & Voice Actors

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