Page 8: I Don't Believe in Fate

Page 8: I Don't Believe in Fate is an anime episode of Heaven's Memo Pad that was released on 08/26/2011

Plot Summary

Soichirou was attacked and knocked unconscious at the headquarters, sending him to the hospital. Alice debriefs the situation with Narumi. Hiroaki was able to get Renji's phone number. They expect to know Renji's location within the day. Despite this news, everyone seems to be affected by Soichirou's absence and don't really know what to do once they find Renji. 
Narumi visits the Hirasaka headquarters to see that it is in shambles. Narumi needs to find the materials for the band's concert and send them to Mari (the lead member of the all-female band). Narumi discovers that Soichirou was in the middle of writing an e-mail to Narumi. Narumi hits the send button. 
Narumi returns to the Hanamaru Soup to find the members of the Hirasaka group there. Narumi wrangles them up, telling them he'll take charge over them while Soichirou is in the hospital. He tells them that they need to be security at the concert, and not rush after Renji. Rushing after Renji could tarnish So's name, he also tells them it is a trap. 
Alice talks to Narumi afterward. Alice received intel from Mukai, who has scoped out Renji's supposed location, that it actually was a trap. Alice is surprised that Narumi was right, but reminds him that Renji's true objective is to destroy everything that Soichirou created, including the Hirasaka group. Alice says that Narumi must somehow lure Renji out, the only option is to lure him out on the day of the concert. 
On the day of the concert they spot a few suspicious men, and Narumi lets Renji follow him to a secluded area. Narumi had "invited" Renji to the concert by posting a picture of a band member wearing a replica of Renji's shirt, which Narumi still has. 
Alice comes out of the shadows and explains to Renji what actually happened to Hison 5 years ago. Hison was stabbed by a jealous wife of leader of the Gotouda Group, was transported to the hospital and her life was spared at the cost of her ovaries and womb. Then Soichirou actually gave the money to Hison, who opened a small shop and abandoned her identity as a woman. Soichirou hid this from Renji because he didn't want Renji to find out that Hison was Gotouda's lover, or that she was pregnant. To this day Soichirou blames himself for not protecting Hison. 
Then Soichirou comes stumbling in. Alice leaves them to decide whether they want to continue hating each other or whether they will resolve. Soichirou and Renji punch it out and the concert goes off without a hitch. 
Renji seems to have forgotten to pick up his shirt and also leaves behind his glasses. Alice gives Narumi the shirt and Renji's location. Narumi says he will try his best so that he fells he can stay and help Alice. Narumi catches Renji before Renji hops on the train. The shirt is finally completely stitched, having taken 5 years to complete. Apparently back then it was the only shirt he had and each time they moved, Hison would stitch a little bit more of the embroidery onto the shirt.

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