Page 7: Everything I can do

Page 7: Everything I can do is an anime episode of Heaven's Memo Pad that was released on 08/19/2011

Everything I can do

Narumi tries his best to get Soichirou and Renji to make up and talk things over. Narumi continues to promote the female band's concert, despite the attack on the venue. We find out more about the history between Soichirou and Renji.

Plot Summary

Narumi still wants to know what exactly happened between Renji and Soichirou that caused them to become enemies. Renji is angry with Narumi, but tries explaining their past to him briefly. Renji, Soichirou and a female named Hison were living together for a while. Renji and Soichirou swore to protect Hison until they could find another girl hotter than her. At the time Renji and Soichirou had been making trouble with another yakuza group, the Goutoda. Sou had used Hison as a human shield and she died. Narumi finds it hard to believe, saying there must be a misunderstanding somewhere. Renji vows to tear down everything Sou created. 
Narumi fills Alice in on his talk with Renji, but Alice still cannot help Narumi because she wasn't asked to be involved in the case. Despite the attack on the venue, the band decides to keep going with the concert. As Narumi goes to the fabric shop to pick out a design for shirts promoting the concert, he learns that it was Soichirou that gave Renji the Kansai dialect. 
Narumi sees this as another sign that the bond between Sou and Renji is still strong, and decides to call up Sou again in the hopes that the two will make up. Narumi says it must be a misunderstanding between them, and that he should ask for Alice's help. 
At the Hanamaru Soup, the NEETs are hanging out there, and Soichirou ends up asking Alice for help. Everyone is delighted that Soichirou is finally asking for help, and they have already did a lot of work already for the case, like gathering information about Renji and setting up security cameras in key areas of the city. 
Maki the female band member that Narumi has contact with, is very pleased with Narumi's work on the T-shirts. At the Hanamaru Soup, Alice digs up more information on Hison's murder, and the NEET detectives report on their progress. Mukai has narrowed down Renji possible locations to 5 places, and Hiroaki has an audio testimony from a woman who lived next to Hison. 
Narumi figures out that the original target was actually Hison, and Soichirou has been trying to cover that up by making it sound like he was the target this whole time. Narumi discusses this with Alice. Alice figures out, using some more information she found, that Hison had been pregnant with the Goutoda's leader's child, which was why she was targeted. 
Just as Narumi is going to see Renji and tell him all this, he receives a call from Tetsuo saying that Soichirou has been attacked.

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