Page 6: I feel like I'll lose

Page 6: I feel like I'll lose is an anime episode of Heaven's Memo Pad that was released on 08/12/2011

I feel like I'll lose

Narumi finds out more about Renji's past, as they become friends. It turns out Renji and Soichirou have some history together. A fire occurs at a concert venue that Narumi has to check out. Despite Soichirou's warnings, Narumi feels the need to involve himself with the Hirasaka group's problems. Alice tries to help Narumi even though she sees him as reckless.

Plot Summary

Narumi happens to run into Renji at the zoo. Renji is very relieved that Narumi still has his shirt and apologizes for taking off on him without even asking for his cell number. When Narumi asks what Renji does for a living, Renji replies he's a NEET. Renji comments about how Tokyo has changed. 
Narumi questions Renji about where he grew up and we learn more about Renji's past. Renji reveals that in his 4 years living in Kansai he had racked up a debt and had nowhere to turn because his parents had passed away a long time ago. Narumi is sympathetic as he explains that his mother passed away as well and he rarely sees his father. 
After talking some more, Narumi invites Renji to call him later so they can go out and do stuff together. Renji is amused and says if he had met someone interesting like Narumi he probably would never have left Japan in the first place. They then do the sake ritual with their soft drinks, the polar bear witnesses their new friendship bond. 
When Narumi is about to leave to check out the concert venue, Renji suddenly warns him not to go there. Narumi does not listen, and when he arrives there Narumi sees the place has had a huge fire accident, some people have been injured. Alice, riding in a black car, comes to pick up Narumi. Alice tries to cover up her concern by saying she was concerned for the stuffed animal Narumi bought for her at the zoo, not for him. Alice is mad when Narumi shows her the stuffed animal, saying he bought the wrong one. 
It seems the Hirasaka group has found the culprit who has been stealing their shirts. After some torture they find out who is really behind it, a man named Hirasaka Renji. Soichirou asks Narumi and Alice not to get involved any further, saying this is a family problem, only for the Hirasaka group. Later, Alice pulls Narumi aside and asks him what he is hiding. Narumi reveals that he has met Renji. 
Narumi then confronts Soichirou about meeting Renji. Soichirou says that Renji broke a promise that's all. Ayaka and Narumi go shopping. They are attacked by thugs wearing the Hirasaka shirt, but are saved by Tetsuo. Tetsuo used to be a boxer. 
Narumi tells Alice that he is going to meet with Renji. Alice calls him an idiot for risking his own life like this. Narumi ultimately has Alice hold onto Renji's shirt, saying if he gave it back he would have no reason to see Renji again. 
When Narumi approaches Renji in the park the next day, he sees Renji on the phone talking in low tones to someone. Renji hangs up, and after finding out Narumi has not brought his shirt, asks why he showed up. Narumi says they need to talk.

Characters & Voice Actors

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