Page 5: He Knows Me

Page 5: He Knows Me is an anime episode of Heaven's Memo Pad that was released on 08/05/2011

He Knows Me

Alice reluctantly does her laundry. Soichirou asks Narumi to help him promote an all-female indie rock band. However it seems that the band also previously asked another low-key yakuza group to do their advertising called the Yanagihara before approaching Soichirou's Hirasaka gang. As Narumi runs around doing errands, he encounters a strange carefree man named Renji.

Plot Summary

Narumi and Ayaka help do Alice's laundry, despite her protests that her clothes and stuffed animals are all clean. Alice even tries getting Narumi to smell her stuffed animals for himself. Then Soichirou and Hiroaki come in and asking to talk to them. Soichirou says that he needs help promoting an all-female indie rock band. He says running a low-profile yakuza gang doesn't exactly turn a profit. Soichirou puts Narumi in charge of advertising an upcoming concert. 
When Soichirou and Narumi are alone Soichirou tells him that this might be a dangerous job. The band had previously hired another low-profile yakuza group called Yanagihara to do advertising, but the band cut ties with them and turn to Hirasaka (Soichirou's gang). Just as Narumi is going to check on Alice, he hears her scream. She almost drowns in the washing machine. Unfortunately her brown stuffed bear called Lilliloo is wrecked and sent for repairs. 
Narumi and Ayaka go around scoping out venues and places that are willing to advertise the concert. Soichirou receives a strange call from a kid about the band, and warns Narumi to watch out. At the concert he runs into a strange man named Renji. Renji almost gets into a fight, but Narumi helps him escape by spilling his drink on his shirt and leaving the venue. 
Renji just got back to Tokyo after taking a trip to California for 5 years. As a way of making it up to him, Renji has Narumi buy 3 clean shirts for him. Renji is very carefree and loose with his money and has lost all of his Tokyo friends. After a few more words Renji sees the men who picked a fight with him earlier and leaves. Narumi heads back home to the Hanamaru to help Alice. Alice is angry that Narumi is leaving so early to do other work. 
On his way out, Min tells Narumi to pick up her new apron "on the way" to checking out another venue. At the sewing shop, Narumi runs into Soichirou, who is there looking to fix Alice's Lilliloo. Narumi picks up Min's new apron. Soichirou receives a call, something happened at the venue. He and Narumi go to check it out. Apparently the person who broke in was wearing a Hirasaka shirt. When Soichirou checks their hideout they discover that the storage room has been broken into and shirts were indeed stolen. 
The next day Narumi goes to Ueno. Due to Alice's request he also visits the zoo, takes lots of pictures and buys her a stuffed animal. When looking at the penguins, he runs into Renji.

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