Required Reading: A History of Scanlation

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 This is not a scanlation. It is, however, really terrible.
 This is not a scanlation. It is, however, really terrible.
NOTE: I have removed the content of this article at the request of the site's owner, as he was not yet prepared for the site to really be live. I've left the post itself here for the sake of any commenters who had already started discussing. Don't worry, this is only temporary; the site's full launch is on October 10th. I'll talk about it again then.
Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Thanks for the link, that was a great read. I disagree with your comment that scanlation is a black and white issue however; obviously the legality (and more importantly, the morality) is clear cut when the manga gets a proper English release overseas, but when it comes down to it, a lot of manga will never get a 'true' release stateside. Obviously the content producers want to make money, but when it all boils down I think they would rather have people enjoy the content 'illegally' rather than not at all. Just my opinion though =P
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@Noodles: Maybe I wasn't clear (will reread/edit); I was talking about it ONLY as a legal issue-- like the Inside Scanlation site itself, I will elect not to go into the issue of morality.
That said, the legality is pretty clear-cut even when the manga is unlicensed for English release: the United States signed a treaty (the Berne Convention) saying essentially that we will protect copyrights established in other signing nations (including Japan) as though they were copyrighted here. I'm not a lawyer, but legally speaking, I am confident saying that scanlating something and distributing it online is a pretty blatant copyright violation, regardless of intentions.
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