Piracy is a Problem for Anime: Chinese Piracy, That Is

Topic started by gia on April 3, 2010. Last post by sotyfan16 4 years, 12 months ago.
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The Times Online has a new article up about anime piracy-- but not the kind we usually talk about. Rather than the usual those-evil-downloaders piece, the Times is looking at people who are paying...they're just paying for bootlegs rather than official copies.

 Chinese pirate?
 Chinese pirate?
According to author Leo Lewis (who also wrote the article about China's hopes for its own local anime industry), the Japanese anime industry is losing $2.4 billion (USD?) per year to Chinese piracy. I'll point out first and foremost that I find the number a little bit suspect: later on in the article, it says that the same report "found that studios were unable to calculate the extent to which they were being ripped off." Additionally, I'd hazard a guess that the $2.4 billion is based on the number of bootlegs bought; there's no way to say how many of those people would have bought legit copies were no bootlegs available.

 More Pirates
 More Pirates
Still and all, though, $2.4 billion is twice what the anime industry gets from sales outside of Japan, in all countries, combined. Even if these particular pirates-- like many downloaders --might not become regular-paying customers, that's still a lot of piracy going down. (It also reminds me of some discussion that went down recently on a manga blog (I forget which! Sorry!), in which we talked about the fact that many scanlators and scanlation readers-- and I would bet fansubbers and anime downloaders --aren't based in North America. It's easy for us to get a bit of tunnel vision, but a lot of people downloading English subs don't care about the R1 industry because it's not the one they'd buy from anyway. Just a thought.)

The article also brings up the recent announcement that the Japanese government is establishing a ¥10 billion (just shy of $106 million USD) fund to help support the global spread of Japanese pop culture. As the government continues to spend money on the anime industry, I'd bet they'll become more actively involved in both "cleansing" activities (such as the much-discussed Tokyo "loli ban") and anti-piracy movements as well.
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The a new article up about anime piracy link goes to the same AV article as the China's hopes for its own local anime industry link.
Before looking at this article I will say that Leo Lewis is doing UK Anime fans justice by getting these articles out on one of Britain's more well-known news outlets, but as soon as word reaches the Editors of said outlets about the loli-ban and other damaging stories, his articles will be buried under tons of articles by people who've never seen or read anime and manga calling it evil and disgusting.
Such is British media...
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@FLStyle: Odd-- fixing it now. In the meantime, here's the proper article link.
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Thats pretty depressing to hear, hope they can sort this problem out.
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guys remember that macross rip off?
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Those damn Chinamen.
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Go to Pacific Mall and look up any piece of electronic media, there is a good chance it's pirated. In fact the RCMP has more than once confiscated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of pirated media and software and hardware to produce said media from some of the various stores in the mall. Just last year 4 people were charged for violating the Copyright Act and for Possession of Property Obtained by Crime. Most of the pirated media they confiscated was Region 1 stuff though from what I understand.

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I remember there was a mildly big fuss over a  Chinese animation pretty much tracing over scenes from Makoto Shinkai's 5 Centimeters Per Second, but I suppose that's a different topic altogether.

I remember the last time I went back to China I walked through the aisles of a video/DVD store and happened upon a fairly sizable section with stuff like FMA and such, but in rather suspicious packaging. Though if you put it into perspective: take the cost of one Region 1 DVD, put it at the cheap sale price of $19.99 and it'll come up to over 136 RMB. Then take into consideration the wages of the average people and the cost of one Region 1 DVD at that price is a fairly big chunk of  an average city-person's monthly salary (or for the many unluckier ones -- more than it), which would probably be better spent on food. Pirates know that there is money to be made by bootlegging such material and selling it to unsuspecting overseas customers and they take advantage of that.
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I was in Toronto's Chinatown and was amazed at all the bootlegs.  I was sad that they were bootlegs of things I had seen, but then I felt really cutting-edge. 
Also, in our supposedly globalized world, it kills me that Japanese companies aren't employing translation teams so they can release new shit with English-language subtitles.  There is certainly a market for it.  Similarly, I'd buy plenty of Asian music DVDs if they'd only sell them in a format I could use.  I wonder how much piracy would change if there were fewer barriers between markets. 
I guess there is a sinister shadowy cabal somewhere that would prevent any of that from happening, mind you.
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@cfatalis: Or that hideous pokemon ripoff posted
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One of the first anime DVDs I ever bought was a Chinese rip. I knew no better, but like... it was all of trigun for 30-40 bucks. Same went for FLCL and Lain. They were series that cost through the nose, and all of the sudden I saw really cheap, lower quality box versions of them.
It took me a good while before I was even aware enough of the shape of companies (as in who does what, etc. etc.) to realize what I had bought. And hey, I was in college at that time.
I think Len has a similar story about buying DBZ off of Ebay this way.
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Well, China isat the top of the list for countries notoriously known for piracy. It's a real shame for everywhere else as piracy costs hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to businesses and governments. However, China would suffer economically if piracy went away and the Chinese government will not implement laws to stop piracy and probably wouldn't enforce the laws if they were put into place.

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