Overlooking View

Overlooking View is an anime movie in the Kara no Kyoukai Franchise
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Chronologically the fourth movie in the Kara no Kyoukai series, a recent number of unusual suicides involving high school girls falling to their death off of the Fujou buildings causes Shiki Ryougi and her friends Touko and Mikiya to investigate.

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Takashi Takeuchi Character Artist/Designer Character artist and cofounder of Type Moon, who's work includes the originals of Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night, Kara no Kyoukai, and CANAAN.
Yuki Kajiura Music A anime composer who is known for providing music anime created by Bee Train and the .hack series.

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General Information Edit
Name: Overlooking View
Release Date:
Name: 俯瞰風景
Romaji: Fukan Fuukei
Release Date: Dec. 1, 2007
Rating: None
Runtime: 48 (mins)
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Aliases Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners: Overlooking View
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