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Outpost Omega-1 is a anime/manga location
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Apex Armor

An indestructible suit of armor that can be worn by cybertronians. Starscream is currently in possession of it.


A device which creates a site to site wormhole allowing instant transportation


An experimental Decepticon weapon capable of freezing enemies.

Magnus Hammer

A powerful weapon created by Solus Prime which eventually found it's way into the possession of Ultra Magnus. It has had many names. Not only is it a strong weapon in it's own right, but when used by a Prime can create super-weapons imagined by it's wielder.

Omega Keys

A set of 4 ancient Cybertronian artifacts which guide users to the very core of Cybertron itself.

Phase Shifter

One of the Iacon relic that grants the user the ability to pass through solid objects.

Polarity Gauntlet

A Decepticon Magnetic Weapon.

Spark Extractor

A weapon created by the Decepticons capable of removing a cybertronians spark. It is considered one of their most dangerous weapons.

Star Saber

One of three weapons of incredible power from Transformers Armada. Can combine with the Skyboom Shield and Requiem Blaster to create the most powerful weapon in the universe

Synthetic Energon

Known as Synth En, is a manufactured version of energon. Unrefined samples can provide greater energy efficiency, but it can also be addictive and corrupt the user's personality.

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