Out on the Town

Out on the Town is an anime episode of Digimon Adventure that was released on 10/24/1999

It seems that Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon are among the Digimon that have entered the real world. They are having a night on the town, riding around on taxis and watching all the people. Meanwhile, Matt is taking T.K. home on the subway. Tsunomon has to explain to Patamon that even though Matt and T.K. are brothers they live with different parents and in different parts of the city. Matt wants to ensure that he gets T.K. all the way home despite his younger brother not being so keen on the idea. Patamon then comments on how close the two siblings are, despite living apart. However, T.K. takes it the wrong way and yells at him, causing him to fly off at the next stop. After Matt and an indecisive T.K. get off the train to look for him, they walk all around town and eventually run into the two of mischievous servants of Myotismon, Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon. They had just gotten thrown out of what appears to be a casino and then ran into a teenage girl. Everyone thinks they are two children in costumes but Matt and T.K. can easily see that they are not. Tsunomon digivolves, only to find that the devious pair is just playing around. They hide from the raging teenager that they angered earlier and then explain that they aren't really evil. They then jump on top of a street light and cause a car accident. Forced to run from the police, the group flees the scene end up in the window display of a clothing store. They spot Patamon while playing dress up but he quickly flies away.

Next, Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon then steal some ice cream too cheer Matt and T.K. up but end up running away from the shop owner they stole it from. Myotismon then appears and learns that his two minions have been messing around instead of looking for the eighth DigiDestined. Myotismon orders them to steal the boys’ Crests and a chase ensues. When Matt and T.K. are cornered, the two supposedly evil Digimon admit that once again they just want to have fun and weren't planning to take their crests. The two digimon just want to hang out. Myotismon is unimpressed that they let the boys get away and banishes them to his dungeon in the Digital World, but not without putting up a fight. Gabumon then digivolves to WereGarurumon in order to avenge Pumpkinmon’s and Gotsumon’s unfair punishment.

Meanwhile, Patamon's anger has subsided, and he is searching for T.K. at the park, mainly because he heard two girls talking about it earlier. When he notices the battle between the two powerful digimon he realizes T.K. is in danger. He digivolves to Angemon and with WereGarurumon's help, weakens Myotismon, causing him to retreat. T.K. is in tears while apologizing to Patamon they make their way back through the streets towards the subway, reminiscing of their short-lived friendship with Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon.

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